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Words of Art & Poetry (cont'd)

Abingdon Square Park
Painting © Ronald DeNota

thoughts from the underground

A R T - P O E M S by Thom Woodruff

* ART? well,

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Art Poems
by Thom Woodruff

ART? well,

i mean, shall i adore you?
buy you? take you out and trash you?
love you? hate you? gosh-i TRY to relate to you
but it all seems so one-sided

Art! can we be friends?
i mean, can we share something equally?
can you get down off your pedestal and let us get away
we could have a holiday together!
we could enjoy life together!
we don't need agents-or galleries
if art is life, then this is our life-raw, unframed, free

Art! TALK TO ME-before i, too, become afraid
of your fearless truth
your endless beauty

by Thom The World Poet (Thom Woodruff)

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