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George Zipparo, Jessica Mieles, David Pena, Steve Sandler, George A. Rada, Regina Perlin

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The fallacy is that realism has gone away

and is now coming back.

The reality is that still lifes and realism

have always been around.


Blacksmith Shop
© George Zipparo
Three Apples on a Plate
Oil on Canvas

Blacksmith Shop
© George Zipparo
The Opening
Oil on Canvas

Blacksmith Shop
© George Zipparo
Fresh As A Daisy
Oil on Canvas

Realism, a fidelity in art and literature to nature or to real life and to accurate representation without idealization.


Realism, in a general sense, refers to objective representation.


More specifically, a nineteenth-century movement, especially in France, that rejected idealized academic styles in favor of everyday subjects. Daumier, Millet, and Courbet were realists.

Summer Park Mieles
© Jessica Mieles
Summer in the Park
Water Color Painting

It just happened that non-realistic art got media attention because the media focuses on the shocking and controversial.


Coster Family Pena
© David Pena
The Coster Family
Oil on Canvas
Smith Street Overpass
© Rex
Gowanus Canal from 3rd Street Bridge
Oil on Canvas
In Half Space
© George A. Rada
In Half Space
Oil Painting

Chartres Steve Sandler
© Steve Sandler
LEvre Chartes
Acrylic on Canvas

But in actuality, abstracts are a tiny fraction of the art being produced today.

Gretta Waiting Feld
© Anna Feld
Gretta Waiting

Blacksmith Shop
© George Zipparo
Morning Mist
Oil on Canvas

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