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Art Gallery Shows and Opening Receptions 2020

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Since Post Pandemic Phase II has begun, several galleries are Reopening while others may offer a private viewing at your request.



- Nguyen Cam: Blue Night, Red Earth
Rosenberg & Co.
19 E 66th St, NYC
On View: In Person till Jul 31, 2020

- Raymond Pettibon: Studio
David Zwirner
537 W 20th St, NYC
On View: Now Open

- Darina Karpov: Between the no-longer and the still-to-come
155 Suffolk St, NYC
On View: By Appointment

- Terence Koh: Diary
Andrew Edlin Gallery
On Line: Feature through July 24th

- Future Facing Gardens
The High Line
On Line: Focus

- Kristen Mills
Ortega y Gasset
On Line: Viewer


FRIDAY - JULY 3, 2020

- Fragile: Mildred Beitre, Anders Bergstrom, Noah Breuer, Louse Eastman, Greg Foley, and more.
55 W 28th St, NY
On Line: Summer Exhibition Opens Fri Jul 3rd

- Alex Chaves: Oaks of Righteousness
Martos Gallery
41 Elizabeth St, NYC
On View: by Appointment

- Sean Fader: Thirst Trap
Denny Dimin Gallery
29 Lispenard St, NYC
On View: thru Aug 21 by Appointment

- Carol Rama: Bricolage 1963
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Explore

- Masterpiece Online 2020
Hauser & Wirth
On Line: Focus

- Catalina Chervin: Meet the Artist
Cecilia De Torres
On Line: Video



- Lea Bertucci: So|os
Fridman Gallery
On Line: Performance Event Thur Jul 2nd at 8pm

- Art History from Home
Whitney Museum
On Line: Event, Thur July 2nd at 12pm

- Nancy Callan: Dialogues
Heller Gallery
303 10th Ave at 28th St, NYC
On View: Reopened

- The Enduring Flowers of Spring
The High Line
On Line: Focus

- Pierre-Jean Mariette and the Art of Collecting Drawings
The Morgan Library
On Line: Focus

- Threaded Memory: Steven Towns, Gommaar Guilliams, Marielle Plaisir, Tina Williams Brewer & more
De Buck Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room

- The Endless Forest: Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn | Daniel Canoger: Billow
Bitforms Gallery
On Line: Livestream

- Marc Straus
299 Grand St, NYC
On View: Reopening Today with Visits by Appointment


- Rachael Gorchov: Concavity
Owen James Gallery
On Line: Exhibition through Aug 1st

- Volker Huller: Etchings and Mixed Media Paintings
Van Doren Waxter
On Line: Special Presentation

- Phase II ReOpening
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
520 W 27th St, NYC
On View: by Appointment Only

- Paul Glabicki: 10 Scenes Drawing Series: The Final Chapters - the path of the narrative evolved during the pandemic.
Kim Foster Gallery
On Line: Focus


TUESDAY - JUNE 30, 2020

- Alexander Calder
Barbara Mathes Gallery
On Line: Highlight

- Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager: Two Russians in the Free World
Microscope Gallery
On Line: Viewable till July 19, 2020

- Izzy Barber: Last Call and Chinatown Paintings | Ivan Seal: Generation Game | Daniel Gordon: Night Pictures
James Fuentes
On Line: Through July 15th

- Gunther Forg: Surface of Bronze
Hauser & Wirth, Zurich
On Line: Viewing Room

- Marcel Dzama: Pink Moon
David Zwirner
On Line: Viewing Room

- Featured Plant: Culver's Root
The High Line
On Line: Focus


MONDAY - JUNE 29, 2020

- Relations: Painting and Diaspora
The PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art
On Line: Exhibition through Nov 29, 2020

- Rodney Graham
303 Gallery
On Line: In Focus

- Robert Indiana: Love, 1966/99
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Focus

- Annie Leibovitz: Still Life
Hauser & Wirth
On Line: Exhibition

- Joan Snyder: The Summer Becomes a Room
Canada Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room till Jul 18, 2020


SUNDAY - JUNE 28, 2020

- Studio: Jeff Koons on Inflatable Forms
David Zwirner
On Line: Viewing Room

- Stronger Than Language
Hauser & Wirth, St. Moritz
On Line: Viewing Room

- New York Tough: Benny Andrews, Romare Beardon, Joseph Delaney, Red Grooms, John Marin, Adelaide Morris, Ma Weber, and more.
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
On Line: June Birthdays

- Reston Unis: Galerie Danysz, Valeria Cetraro, Laurent Godin, Edouard Montassut, Mor Charpentier, New Galerie, Sultana
Perrotin Gallery
On Line: Viewing Salon

- Outside In: Large Scale Sculptures
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore

- Mushrooms, New Plants, and Homes for Bees: Garden Updates from our Director of Horticulture
The High Line
On Line: Focus


SATURDAY - JUNE 27, 2020

- John White Alexander, Thomas Anshutz, Edward Armitage, Milton Avery, George Bellows, and more.
Hirschl and Adler
On Line: Figural Art

- George Condo, Pable Picasso, Alexander Calder
David Benrimon Fine Art
On Line: Selections

- Paul Klee, Bridget Riley
David Zwirner Gallery
Reopening: London

- William Blake: America - A Prophecy - Poetry, Printmaking, and Painting
The Morgan Library
On Line: Focus

- Nathalie Du Pasquier: Spaces Between Things
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore

- Inside Track: Garden Resiliency
The High Line
On Line: Focus


FRIDAY - JUNE 26, 2020

- Julio Le Parc: A Selection of Paintings Spanning 4 Decades
Perrotin Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room through Sun Jul 5th

- Sean Fader: Thirst Trap
Denny Dimin Gallery
On View: Jun 23 - Aug 21, 2020

- Flat File, Friday - Leah Piepgras
Ortega y Gasset Projects
On Line: Spotlight

- Lorna Simpson: Special Characters
Hauser & Wirth, Hong Kong
On Line: Viewing Room

- Scott Covert
127 Henry St, NYC 10002
On View: June 24 - Jul 31, 2020

- Inside Track: Art in Times of Crisis
The High Line
On Line: Focus


THURSDAY - JUNE 25, 2020

- Nancy Callan: Dialogues
Heller Gallery
303 10th Ave at 28th St, NYC
ReOpening: Exhibition

- Zelensky: Where is It Heading?
The Ukrainian Institute
On Line: Webinar

- Jose Parla: It's Yours Panel Discussion with Jasmine Wahl
Bronx Museum
On Line: Event, Tur June 25, 6-7pm

- Beyond Infinity: Contemporary Art after Kusama
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
On Line: Exhibition

- Gerhard Richter: Painting After All
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
On Line: Exhibition

- Yin Xiuzhen: In the Spirit of Invincibility
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore



- Alina Szapocznikow: To Exalt the Ephemeral
Hauser & Wirth, London
On Line: Viewing Room

- Frank Stella: Concentric Squares 1977
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Viewing Room

- Barnes Takeout: Your Daily Serving of Art
Barnes Foundation
On Line: You Tube

- Randi Reiss-McCormack: A Visceral Pursuit
The Painting Center
On Line: Exclusive Exhibition


TUESDAY - JUNE 23, 2020

- Koichi Sato: Hope Eight Days a Week | Royal Jarmon: Respire | Matthew Stone: Together
The Hole
Bowery at 1st St, NYC
ReOpening: Tue Jun 23, 12-7pm

- Karla Knight: Notes from the Lightship | Eugene Von ruenchenhein: Drawings 1964-67
Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery, NYC
ReOpening: Tue June 23rd

- John Singer Sargent: Drawings | Adam Pendleton: Geometric Abstraction
Stewart Gardner Museum
On Line: Meet Isabella


The ANNUAL 4th of July

Out-of-Doors Celebration --

JOIN US on Saturday, the 4th of July in the Broome St. Corridor of  Sara Delano Roosevelt Park between Forsyth and Christie, 10am to 4pm, where we have  been having this event for the past five years.

FREE Drawing, Costumed models with Free art supplies, Free Concert out-of-doors -- View 1991 performance "Yankee Doodle Fantasy."  


sponsored by

Minerva's Drawing Studio


On Line: Getting an Apartment in Little Italy 1978

2020 Coronavirus Update -- Spring Studio -- Closed Temporarily

Minerva Durham

Minerva At Home


Your health is the most important thing, stay safe, healthy, we'll be back as soon as we can.

Mon thru Sat - 9:30am, 1pm, 6pm -- Sundays - 10am & 1:30pm,
Gallery Hours: 4-6pm weekdays & by Appointment
Call Minerva for appointment 917-375-6086



City Artists Celebrate


Susan Gerstein Art
Central Park April
© Susan Gerstein
Original Painting



Vincent D'Alessio Artist
Central Park Cliffs © Vincent D'Alessio
Oil Painting



George Rada Painting
Park © George A. Rada
Oil on Canvas




Jessica Mieles Artist
Catching Rays © Jessica Mieles
Watercolor on Paper




Alice Grisant Art

Central Park © Alice Grisant
Original Painting




Steve Sandler Artist
On Way to Plaza Roma, Venice © Steve Sandler
Acrylic Painting




Claire Clark Sculptor

Dancing Claire Clark
Ceramic Sculpture




Ken McConney Art
Chrysler Building © Ken McConney, Artist
Acrylic on Canvas



Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Canal Street © Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Acrylic Glaze on Gessoed Paper




Roger Smith Artist
Homage to Whistler © Roger Smith, Artist
Oil Painting



H. Michael Weinert
Twilight, East River and Roosevelt Island
© H. Michael Weinert, Artist
Oil on Canvas

New York City Museums - Highlights


- Gerhard Richter: Painting After All
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
82nd St at 5th Ave, NYC
On View: Mar 4 - Jul 5, 2020

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