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Donald Goddard:

Newton Harrison and Helen Mayer Harrison: Peninsula Europe

Newton Harrison

Donald Goddard:

Jean Fautrier: 1898-1964

Jean Fautrier
Tete D'Otage © Jean Fautrier

Donald Goddard:

Bernard Martin:

at Spencer Brownstone Gallery

Bernard Martin
© Bernard Martin

Rudi Voller's Wedding

Don Simmons:

Patricia Rendleman:

Divine Erotica / White Erotica at the Ezair Gallery

Erotica Comes to the Upper East Side

Patricia Rendleman
© Patricia Rendleman

Mi Abruzzo

Donald Goddard:

Tacita Dean:

One and Two

Tacita Dean
© Tacita Dean

Myron Heise: Country Days / City Nights

On View: at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Times Square Coke
© Myron Heise

Times Square Coca Cola

Donald Goddard:

George Catlin: and His Indian Gallery at

The Smithsonian Institute - Washington DC

George Catlin

Matthew Drutt:

Abstraction in the Twentieth Century

Total Risk, Freedom, Discipline

Kazimir Malevich
© Kazimir Malevich

Donald Goddard:

Were you alright yesterday at White Columns

You Alright Yesterday
Were You Alright Yesterday?

Michael Kimmelman:

Albert Kresch


Al Kresch
© Al Kresch

Donald Goddard:

Melissa McGill

Melissa McGill

Donald Goddard:

Robert Ryman :

New Paintings

Donald Goddard:

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons
© Jeff Koons

Donald Goddard:

Mark Manders: Self-Portrait as a Building

Mark Manders
© Mark Manders

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