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Donald Goddard:

Harvey Quaytman:

A Survey of Paintings and Drawings 1969-1988

Riley Mumbling
Riley Mumbling to Himself© Harvey Quaytman

Curt Barnes:

Harvey Quaytman:

A Tribute at the McKee Gallery

Harvey Quatman
© Harvey Quaytman

Donald Goddard:

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner:


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Mountain Studio © Ernest Ludwig Kirchner

Vintage New York:

Prints of Historic New York

Vintage New York
New York Harbor

Donald Goddard:

Matisse Picasso:

An Exhibition in London, Paris & New York

Donald Goddard:

Helen Torr: A Retrospective, Out of the Shadows

Helen Torr
© Helen Torr


Donald Goddard:

Jane Wilson at DC Moore Gallery

Jane Wilson

Donald Goddard:


Interrogation of the Prisoner


Carol Halsted:

Dance and Photographyat the University Museum, University of California at Santa Barbara

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