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The Magic of Gansevoort Street

The area of Gansevoort Street began as a trading village for the Sapokanican, an Algonquin Indian tribe. After the famous sale of Manhattan Island for a few beads and bobbles, it became a Dutch tobacco plantation, then English farmland, before America built Fort Gansevoort to protect New York during the War of 1812.

After the war, New York City began negotiations with John Jacob Astor, who owned most of the Gansevoort area, to purchase the underwater rights for the Hudson River. When the deal was complete, the shoreline, west of what is now Washington Street, was filled in, and became the terminus of the Hudson River Railroad.

Gansevoort Street Night

© Ronald De Nota 2003
Night on Gansevoort Street, 1998
Painting - Oil on Canvas
24"h X 30"w

A farmers' market emerged, taking advantage of the railroad and the ever-present ferries across the Hudson from New Jersey. In 1886, the city declared the area as a public market to ensure that they participated in the profits!

At the turn of the last century, with the advent of an underground brine-cooling system, the city market was able to sustain a safe meat-market.


Gansevoort Meat Market
© Ronald De Nota 2003
Gansevoort Street in the Meat Market NYC, 1998
Painting - Oil on Canvas
24"h X 30"w

The buildings that were once dwellings, stores and warehouses were quickly transformed into meat businesses - the vestiges that we still see today.

In the past few years, many of the meat businesses have relocated to the Bronx, but a variety of new businesses have replaced them, and adapted these remarkable, historic structures once again - so that the neighborhood retains a vibrant, 24-hour energy that defines Gansevoort as unique in New York City.

Meat guys work next to famous retailers, restaurateurs, art galleries and production houses in a wonderful cycle that ensures there is always something for everyone in Gansevoort Market!

Ronald DeNota - The Street Painter

Ronald De Nota © 2015 All Rights Reserved
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