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The Cloisters Audio Guide presents more than 70 works of art and architecture as well as discussions of the Museum itself, medieval art and culture, nd the gardens.

The Timeline of Art History is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated especially by the Metropolitan Museum's collection. An invaluable reference tool, the Timeline was launched in 2000. It now extends from prehistory to the present day.

The Cloisters Library and Archives, containing materials specifically for the study of medieval art and related topics, is open to qualified researchers by appointment only.

Call 212 396-5319 or email for an appointment. Hours: Tues-Fri, 10:00am - 4:30pm
The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York city, devoted to the art of medieval Europe.The Cloister Arcades are from the Bonnefont-en Comminges Cloister in Southern France. They date back to the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

Gallery Workshops for Families

Children ages 4 to 12 and their families are invited to join us for these hour-long programs, which are free with Museum admission. Meet in the Main Hall at 1pm unless other wise indicated. No reservations are required.


Telephone The Cloisters - 212-650-2290

Gallery Talks at the Cloisters - Sundays

Gallery Talks and programs are presented at noon and 2pm unless otherwise specified and are free with Museum admission. No advance reservations are necessary. Gallery space is limited; preorganized groups of ten cannot be accommodated.

The Cloisters
Photo Above:

From the Benedictine Monastery of St.-Michel-de-Cuxa,

near Perpignan, France: ca. 1130-40.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

The Cloisters Collection, 1925.


Hear medieval music amid masterpieces of the Middle Ages at The Cloisters. The marvelous setting, superb acoustics, and world-class performers combine to provide unforgettable afternoons of early music.

Subscription Concert Series

The Cloisters -

Fort Tryon Park -- New York NY 10040 -- 212-650-2290

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