The Still Life
A Garden for Your Wall

George Zipparo, Ken McConney, Anna Feld, Fran Meyers

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Anna Feld Artist
© Anna Feld
Still Life with Watermelon
Oil on Canvas

Grapes Red Blue

©Anna Feld
Grapes Red and Blue
Oil on Canvas

Your Garden of Art is in the Best of Taste

These pictures hang well in a dining room but the best still lifes go beyond more reminders of food and drink.


Ken McConney Artist

© McConney
Basket of Fruit with Glass of Wine
Watercolor Painting

Ken McConney Watercolors

Red and Green Peppers © Ken McConney
Watercolor on Paper


George Zipparo Artist
Four Pears on a Plate © George Zipparo


Ken McConney Painter
Goya with Fruit © Ken McConney
Oil on Canvas


Ken McConney Watercolors
© Ken McConney
Singer Sewing Machine (Sold)


George Zipparo Painter
Apples on a Plate
© George Zipparo

© Anna Feld
Basket of Fruit with Empty Glass
Oil Painting

© Anna Feld
Still Life with Lemons
Oil Painting

A White Fish © Anna Feld


Pumpkins No 575
© Fran Meyers
Fine Art Photography

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