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Pat Rendleman

at the Ezair Gallery

The Wind of Art

Fuschia Green
Fushia Green © Pat Rendleman
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From Southern actress to New York City artist, Patricia Rendleman has shifted with the wind more than once in her life, each time proving her worthiness as an artist.

Pat burst onto the scene in the Sundance award-winning documentary and now cult film, "Sherman's March" with her wild ideas and "wacky" sense of humor.

But few things can hold this mercurial artist to only one form of creativity. Many people still ask, "what happened to Pat?"

Well, she has gone from cult figure diva to serious artist with impressive credits and an even more impressive following, as her work is becoming more known in the artistic circles of New York City and beyond.

Mentored by the legendary Knox Martin, master painter/teacher from the Art Students League, Pat has abandoned perspective and follows the lineage of Alpha Art.

Knox Martin likes to speak of a direct lineage that exists from the Cave drawings to de Kooning through him.

With such an august legacy, Rendleman's work is reminiscent of the legends who inspired her.

Her signature of crayola color and expressive brush strokes produces a playful canvas of fresh imagery based on the master painters who have proceeded her, and in viewing, you can see the hint of Picasso and Matisse and certainly a bit of the raw primitive cave within her work.

Not only has she made the link from the past, but also she has added an exceptional shade of her own personality that will warm your heart.

Spring will arrive early this year as the Ezair Gallery presents Rendlemanís solo show, "The Wind of Art" for the entire month of March.

Reception for artist, Pat Rendleman: Ezair Gallery, March 3, 2005, from 6-8pm.

Asian Sail
Asian Sail © Pat Rendleman

Brown Orange
Brown Orange © Pat Rendleman

Fuschia Green
Fushia Green © Pat Rendleman

Pat Rendleman is available for panel discussions and interviews.

Mi Abrazzo
Mi Abrazzo by Patricia Rendleman

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