Joseph Catuccio

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Mystical Humanism

Mural No. 4
© Joe Catuccio

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Mural Paintings

Dancing cat in the circular rainbow; two gods have an eye in the palm of their hands. The goddess gives off blossoms while females carry out flowers holding lit candles.

Birth of Stars, 1969 - 71
Mural 6
6' X 12'
Acrylic on Canvas
Birth of Stars
Birth of Stars Joseph Catuccio 2003

The female general reappears in a suit of armor shaped like a dress. She is incorporated within war imagery.

The god of pollution appears with his girlfriend . . . she is death.

There are oil fields in the military graveyard that suck the life out of the youth of the nation.

Come to winter's window and break the sky . . .  you can put an end to war.

War Mural 7
War - Mural 7, 1990-94 Joseph Catuccio 2003
8 feet x 10 feet
Acrylic on Canvas

We passed through strange rooms

. . . never meeting . . .

never speaking.

We live in fear to die and wonder while

corpses float in carnival.

The shadow creature holds

the sign in her shadow.

Strange Room Mural
Strange Room Joseph Catuccio 2003

Mural 5
, 1965 - Acrylic on Canvas
5 feet x 8 feet


The Christ figure has cut his wrist where there is light emitting instead of blood. He is perceived as a derelict, a bowery bum; which appeals to the common man . . . he is a Christ without pomposity. He is a self-sacrificing God that takes on the sins of the world.

End of Christianity
Joseph Catuccio 2003
The End of Christianity - Mural 1
10 feet X 20 feet

Acrylic on Canvas, 1975

The angels are angry at God. One is smashing the cathedral, while the other is contemplating god's evil heart. The burning earth symbol gives rise to a new God emerging from the smoke. God passes away and then humans invent God.

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