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MARCH FAIRS "Aye carumba! We're here!" * March art fairs are roaring in like a pack of hungry wolves. In addition to the 8th annual Armory Show the overheated art market has spawned other fairs - Scope New York, Pulse New York, fountain, DiVA the Video Art Fair, Fountain and LA Art, all which aim to feed the need for the fresh feeding frenzy. * The Armory Show Big Kahuna of March art madness in New York is the Armory Show, running during one long weekend at Piers 90 & 92 on the Hudson River in midtown Manhattan. Of the 154 participating galleries from 38 cities, 54 are from New York, ranging from Deitch Projects, Matthew Marks and Gasser & Grunert to Guild & Greyshkul and Rivington Arms. Show is overseen by Katelijne De Backer. This year, the fair inaugurates a new section devoted to prints and multiples, and has enlisted designers Mark McDonald, Dune and Fighetto to do the public lounges. Artists Michael Joo, Richard Jackson, Os Gemeos, Wolfgang Staehle and Gary Simmons have been invited to install works in the fair’s lobbies and other public spaces. Swansea Big Wet Head 19th Street's Gasser & Grunert artist Ena Swansea is, as far as we know, the only New York artist having a solo show at the Armory and that is at Andreas Osarek's Germany Galerie Crone, Kochstraße 60, D-10969 Berlin, Booth 92-037, the opening of which is during the gala MoMA benefit opening on Thursday night. Also on the agenda is a panel on collecting moderated by Artnews publisher Milton Esterow, and a three-day festival of Spanish and Latin American video, film and poetry sponsored by ARCO, the Cervantes Institute and Merrill Lynch. The show continues to become more selective -- the total number of galleries is down from 162 in 2005 and 189 in 2004. The operation is run by dealers Matthew Marks and Paul Morris, with a selection committee of dealers that includes Massimo De Carlo (Milan), Anton Kern (New York), Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris, Miami), Eva Presenh?(Zurich), Stuart Shave (London) and Lisa Spellman (New York).

The opening night fundraiser benefits the exhibition fund of the Museum of Modern Art; tickets can be bought online and range from $250 to $1,000. $20 ($10 for students).

+ 303 Gallery
+ Alexander and Bonin
+ Andr‚hn-Schiptjenko
+ Arndt & Partner
+ Art : Concept
+ Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini
+ The Approach
+ Bellwether
+ Black Dragon Society
+ Blum & Poe
+ Brooke Alexander
+ Galerie Guy B„rtschi
+ Marianne Boesky Gallery
+ Peter Blum Gallery
+ Spencer Brownstone Gallery
+ The Breeder
+ Cheim & Read
+ China Art Objects Galleries
+ Corvi-Mora
+ Courtyard Gallery
+ CRG Gallery
+ Galer¡a Marta Cervera
+ Galer¡a Pepe Cobo
+ Galerie Chantal Crousel
+ Galerie Chez Valentin
+ Galerie Crone, Andreas Osarek
+ Galleria Continua
+ Galleria Raffaella Cortese
+ James Cohan Gallery
+ John Connelly Presents
+ D'Amelio Terras
+ Deitch Projects
+ Galerie Anne de Villepoix
+ Galleria Massimo De Carlo
+ Monica De Cardenas
+ Galerie EIGEN
+ Galerie Frank Elbaz
+ Feigen Contemporary
+ Fredericks & Freiser
+ Frith Street Gallery
+ Marc Foxx
+ Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.
+ Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL)
+ Annet Gelink Gallery
+ Galeria Enrique Guerrero
+ Gemini G.E.L at Joni Moisant Weyl
+ Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
+ Greene Naftali
+ greengrassi
+ Guild & Greyshkul
+ Kavi Gupta Gallery
+ Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc.
+ Sandra Gering Gallery
+ Anna Helwing Gallery
+ Ghislaine Hussenot
+ Haunch of Venison
+ Herald St
+ Jack Hanley Gallery
+ Rhona Hoffman Gallery
+ Susan Hobbs Gallery
+ I.C. Editions / Susan Inglett
+ Taka Ishii Gallery
+ Alison Jacques Gallery
+ Johnen/Schuttle
+ Michael Janssen Gallery
+ Rodolphe Janssen
+ Andrew Kreps Gallery
+ Anton Kern Gallery
+ Casey Kaplan
+ Darren Knight Gallery
+ David Kordansky Gallery
+ Galerie Krinzinger
+ Galleri Magnus Karlsson
+ galleria francesca kaufmann
+ Georg Kargl
+ Johann Konig
+ Kerlin Gallery
+ Kodama
+ Kukje Gallery
+ kurimanzutto
+ Leo Koenig, Inc.
+ Michael Kohn Gallery
+ Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
+ Paul Kasmin Gallery
+ Peter Kilchmann Gallery
+ Sean Kelly Gallery
+ Tomio Koyama Gallery
+ Galerie Lelong
+ Galleri Charlotte Lund
+ Lehmann Maupin
+ Lisson Gallery
+ Yvon Lambert
+ Galerie Meyer Kainer
+ Galleria Maze
+ maccarone inc.
+ Magazzino d'Arte Moderna
+ Mai 36 Galerie
+ Matthew Marks Gallery
+ Metro Pictures
+ Meyer Riegger Galerie
+ Mitchell-Innes & Nash
+ Murray Guy
+ Robert Miller Gallery
+ The Modern Institute
+ Victoria Miro Gallery
+ Carolina Nitsch
+ Galerie Christian Nagel
+ Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch
+ Galleria Franco Noero
+ Nature Morte
+ Nolan/Eckman Gallery
+ Galerie Nathalie Obadia
+ Ota Fine Arts
+ Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
+ Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
+ Galerie Eva Presenhuber
+ Galerie Praz-Delavallade
+ Maureen Paley
+ PaceWildenstein
+ Paragon Press
+ Parkett Editions
+ Patrick Painter, Inc.
+ peres projects
+ Pierogi
+ Postmasters Gallery
+ Produzentengalerie Hamburg
+ The Project
+ Galerie Almine Rech
+ Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
+ Lia Rumma
+ Rivington Arms
+ Roebling Hall
+ Edition Schellmann
+ Fredric Snitzer Gallery
+ Galerie Aurel Scheibler
+ Galerie Diana Stigter
+ Galerie Thomas Schulte
+ Gallery Side 2
+ Sies
+ H”ke
+ Sikkema Jenkins & Co
+ Sommer Contemporary Art
+ Stuart Shave / Modern Art + Sutton Lane
+ Jack Tilton Gallery
+ Richard Telles Fine Art
+ Taxter & Spengemann
+ Team Gallery
+ Timothy Taylor Gallery
+ Transmission Gallery
+ Diane Villani Editions
+ Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
+ Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
+ Vilma Gold
+ Galerie Barbara Weiss
+ White Cube/Jay Jopling
+ Wilkinson Gallery
+ Donald Young Gallery
+ David Zwirner
+ Zeno X Gallery

* Scope New York The four-year-old hotel fair moves out of the hotel for the 2006 edition of Scope New York, Mar. 10-13, 2006, setting up in a 30,000-square-foot warehouse space at 636 11th Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets, just blocks away from the Armory Show. The roster of 75 participating galleries includes a significant New York contingent:

Cynthia Broan, 10G, 31 Grand, Annina Nosei, Black and White, Daniel Cooney, Ethan Cohen, Dam, Stuhltrager, Dean Project, Thomas Erben, Jack the Pelican Presents, Kustera Tilton, Magnan Emrich, Metaphor, Moti Hasson, James Nicholson, Curcioprojects, Rare, Jack Shainman, Stefan Stux, the Proposition and Michael Steinberg. Scope has several initiatives accompanying the fair, including performances on "a grassy hilltop stage," a program of radio art by free 103point9, and something called "Winner Takes All," billed (a bit incoherently) as a "bare-knuckle showdown" between teams of curators overseen by David Hunt and Franklin Sirmans. Scope is also sponsoring, in alliance with the New Museum of Contemporary Art, a daily screening of films by Francis Al˜s, David Claerbout, Douglas Gordon, Gary Hill, Pierre Huyghe, Joan Jonas, Isaac Julien, William Kentridge, Paul McCarthy, Pipilotti Rist and Anri Sala. The works, which are also on sale as a DVD box set (for $1,000), were part of the 2004 "Point of View" exhibition at the New Museum. $10. * 11am-8pm Winner Take All Under the stewardship of David Hunt & Franklin Sirmans, a consortium of independent curators will pass the curatorial baton, only to square off moments later in a bare-knuckle showdown. The anchorman becomes the lead-off man becomes the man who knew too much. Rolodexes are purged as relationship-arbitrage witnesses heavy trading. * The New York Museum of Complaint by Matt Bakkom--From noise to domestic violence to hysterical delusions, this room-size installation enlarges actual complaints sent to the mayor from the 19th and 20th century.

* Shooting Gallery by Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz--In a bunker-like retreat, visitors will shoot at two actors dressed in faux body-armor. Riffing on amusement-park arcades, Bua and Bercowetz attempt to express suppressed voices of dissent. * Franklin Sirman’s Out the Box is conceived as a momentary space for ideas dedicated to work that is fresh and improvisational. While anchored in highly personal ideas for each artist and artist group, some of the issues revolve around beauty, identity, and history.

* Intervention by MÖSCO, SKUF and VFR--It is the aim of the museum-based ALL CITY project to cancel and nullify, definitively, the historical and cultural anomaly that is the deliberate segregation of graffiti. o The 62 is a Brooklyn-based art collaborative that combines design, agricultural experimentation, electronics and engineering, fashion, politics and fun, whose art is based on a vision of sustainable culture and that one man's junk is another man's dream. o Kambui Olujimi’s Telephone-- As the United States continues illegally tap citizens’ telephones in the name of national security, Americans are forced to live in a collective culture of fear. In a sound installation utilizing ten modified telephones, he invites visitors to eavesdrop on recorded calls. o Risa Puno’s Vend to Own--Presenting objects that traffic ideas from private to public and back again. New and improved!! The biological virus that vends gossip. You can fill it with any and all rumors, slander, or misinformation that you can muster…it’s free to talk as much shit as you want! Participate at your own risk. o Larry Mantello’s Tri-Sectional Resurrectional is a large scale, multi-media fabric construction. Contrasting avatars of childhood abandon and innocence, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and The Simpsons, with imagery of dangling marijuana leaves, Mantello epitomizes the visual gluttony of cartoon-emblazoned consumer goods.

* Sandra Bermudez’s Luxe--At first glance, the wallpaper seems to be composed of branches, fruits, insects and flowers, but, upon taking a closer look, the landscape is comprised of Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci handbags, and Van Cleef jewelry. 11am-8pm Perpetual Art Machine An interactive multimedia experience and research project, integrating a cross-section of 100 submitted and selected film, video and new media. Presented by Lee Wells in collaboration with Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller and Raphaele Shirley. PAM creates a dynamic sensory environment that allows the artist and the viewer to participate in the curatorial process both at Scope New York and on the web at http://www.perpetualartmachine.com 11am-8pm Performance Field Enjoy our grassy hilltop stage created by artists Al Hamm and Jonathan Chick featuring daily performances: Lilah Freedland--The experience of autonomy in fresh air. A wholesome dangerous cast of campers and counselors spanning the eight week summer in one day. Fresh blood, first aid, sing along, sneak out: SleepAway. Marie Lorenz’s Tidal Wave--Marie Lorenz is a NYC based artist known for her (Tied and Current Taxi) and other adventurous projects in and around the East River. In (Wipe Out), a sculpture constructed for the Scope Art Fair, she brings the river to the fair. Viewers are invited to float through the sculpture on a small raft and experience the interior and exterior of a breaking wave.

Babatunde Babalola--Addressing Nigerian societal problems, Babtunde will stop in different points to prepare tea while dancing. This performance will offer a satiric commentary of the struggle for survival in Nigerian society. Eloise Fornieles--The two performers stand opposite each other--their hands are on each other’s shoulders as they awkwardly navigate into the social greeting of a distant air kiss. Just when the sexual tension between the two becomes unbearable, the performers slowly reverse the sequence of their previous gestures until they are air kissing once more.


+ 31GRAND | Brooklyn + acuna-hansen gallery | Los Angeles + Art Affairs | Amsterdam + Art Agents Gallery | Hamburg + Angell gallery | Toronto + Anna Klinkhammer Galerie | D?sseldorf + Annina Nosei Gallery | New York + artMbassy | Berlin-Mitte + artspace witzenhausen gallery | Amsterdam + Ashley Gallery | Philadelphia + Biagiotti Progetto Arte | Firenze + Black & White Gallery | Brooklyn + bonelli arte contemporanea | Mantova + Brown Bag Contemporary / Osborne Samuel Gallery | San Francisco - USA + Ivic Butler Mulherin Project | Toronto + Chinese Comtemporary | London + Christopher Cutts Gallery | Toronto + CIEL | + Curator's Office | Washington + curcioprojects | New York + Cynthia Broan Gallery | New York + Dam Stuhltrager gallery | Brooklyn + Daniel Cooney Fine Art | New York + David Castillo Modern & Contemporary Art | Miami + Dean Project | New York + The Flat/ Massimo Carasi Arte Contemporanea | Milan + Foley Gallery | New York + Galerie Adler | Frankfurt am Main + Galerie Andreas Binder | Munchen + Galerie Conrads | d?sseldorf + Galerie Huebner | Frankfurt + Galerie Martin Kudlek | Cologne + Galerie Poller | Frankfurt am Main + Galerie Schuster | Frankfurt + Galleria PaciArte arte Contemporanea | Brescia + Gallery 10G | New York + Gallery 55 | Shanghai + Gallery Beaux | Tokyo + Galerie R”merapotheke | Z?rich + Gallery Iseyoshi | Tokyo + James Nicholson Gallery | New York + JORGE ALCOLEA | Madrid + Merry Karnowsky gallery | Los Angeles + Kasia Kay Art Projects | Chicago + Keith Talent Gallery | London + Koelsch Gallery | Houston + Paul Kopeikin Gallery | Los Angeles + Kustera Tilton Gallery | New York + Morgan Lehman Gallery | New York + lemon sky: projects + editions | Miami + Leo Bahia - Arte Contemporanea | Belo Horizonte + Lukas Feichtner Gallery | Vienna + M% | Cleveland + Magnan Emrich Contemporary | New York + Galerie Martin Mertens / Rekord | Berlin + metaphor contemporary art | Brooklyn + Michael Steinberg Fine Art | New York + Miller Block Gallery | Boston + Moti Hasson Gallery | New York + Nice & Fit | Berlin + Pablo's Birthday | New York + patrick heide art projects | London + Jack the Pelican Presents | Brooklyn + Rare | New York + Red Dot Project | Miami + Samson Projects | Boston + Seventeen Gallery | London + Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art + Jack Shainman Gallery | New York + Solomon Projects | Atlanta + de Soto | Los Angeles + Staubkohler | Zurich + STEFAN STUX GALLERY | New York + The Proposition | New York + Thomas Erben Gallery | New York + Gallery Turpentine | Reykjavik + Wendy Cooper Gallery | Chicago

* Pulse New York After its launch in Miami last December, the new Pulse art fair sets up its second installment at the 69th Regiment Armory at 26th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Pulse New York, Mar. 10-13, 2006, features approximately 60 galleries from 12 countries, including Rena Branstein (San Francisco), Volker Diehl (Berlin), FRED (London), Mizuma (Tokyo), Mark Moore (Santa Monica), P.P.O.W. (New York) and Torch (Amsterdam). Pulse is directed by Helen AllenWill Ramsay’s Affordable Art Fair empire. Among the many highlights are Michael Arcega’s paper and glue pastiches of medieval props at Heather Marx Gallery (San Francisco); Stephen Brandes’ intricate landscape drawings tracing his grandmother’s flight through Europe to escape pogroms in Romania at the Rubicon Gallery (Dublin); and Simon Faithfull’s sketches done with his palm pilot at Parker’s Box (Brooklyn). Pulse has also initiated a special "Impulse" section, featuring 13 dealers selected from an open application process, including Jeff Bailey (New York), Magda Danysz (Paris), Virgil de Vold·re (New York), Nicola Fornello (Prato), Gregory Lind (San Francisco), lyonswier (New York), Walter Maciel (Los Angeles), Mackey (Houston), Magnan Projects (New York), magnus m?ller, Plus Ultra (New York). Free shuttle buses run between Pulse and the Armory Show. $12. PULSE Exhibitors

* Aliceday | Brussels * Galerie Anne Barrault | Paris
* Anita Beckers | Frankfurt
* Rena Bransten Gallery | San Francisco
* Catharine Clark Gallery | San Francisco
* Conner Contemporary | Washington
* DCKT Contemporary | New York
* Galerie Volker Diehl | Berlin
* Dunn & Brown Contemporary | Dallas
* Galerie Christian Ehrentraut | Berlin
* Fiedler Contemporary | Koln
* Finesilver | San Antonio
* FRED | London
* Freight + Volume | New York
* Caren Golden Fine Art | New York
* Ernst Hilger | Vienna
* Inman Gallery | Houston
* Galerie Philippe Jousse | Paris
* Richard Levy Gallery | Albuquerque
* Robert Mann Gallery | New York
* Heather Marx Gallery | San Francisco
* monique meloche | Chicago
* Nicholas Metivier Gallery | Toronto
* Mizuma Art Gallery | Tokyo
* Mark Moore Gallery | Santa Monica
* Andrew Mummery Gallery | London
* Museum 52 | London

* One in the Other Gallery | London
* Parker's Box | Brooklyn
* Perugi Artecontemporanea | Padova * PPOW | New York
* Priska Juschka Fine Art | New York
* David Risley Gallery | London
* Galerie Stefan Roepke | Cologne
* Rubicon Gallery | Dublin
* Julie Saul Gallery | New York
* Lucas Schoormans Gallery | New York
* Schroeder Romero | New York
* Galerie Michael Schultz | Berlin
* Galeria Senda | Barcelona
* Sixtyseven | New York|
* Springer & Winckler Gallery | Berlin
* Galerie Olaf St?ber | Berlin
* Thatcher Projects | New York
* TORCH | Amsterdam
* Von Lintel Gallery | New York
* Pavel Zoubok Gallery | New York
* Galerie Zurcher | Paris IMPULSE Exhibitors
* Jeff Bailey Gallery | New York * Galerie Magda Danysz | Paris
* Virgil de Vold·re Gallery | NY * Nicola Fornello | Prato
* Gregory Lind Gallery | Frisco * Lyons Wier Gallery | New York
* Walter Maciel Gallery | Los Angeles
* Mackey Gallery | Houston
* Magnan Projects | New York * magnus m?ller | Berlin
* Plus Ultra Gallery | New York
* sixspace | Culver City
* Workplace Gallery | Gateshead

* LA Art New York natives finally get a chance to see all those Los Angeles art dealers they’ve heard so much about when 16 L.A. galleries roll into town for LA Art, Mar. 10-12, 2006, at the Altman Building at 135 West 18th Street. Participating galleries include Acme, Angles Gallery, Carl Berg Gallery, Cherry and Martin, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Kontainer, Lightbox, Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Q.E.D., Richard Heller Gallery, Roberts & Tilton, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Sandroni Rey and Shoshana Wayne Gallery. The fair is operating a free shuttle service between the Altman Building and the Armory Show. $10.

* Fountain: Capla Kesting Fine Art, Front Room Gallery, and McCaig-Welles Gallery Fountain, 660 12th Avenue, 5-10pm The avant-garde has always laid claim to history through its challenges and victories over the status quo. In a spacious street level special-event hall across 12th Avenue from Pier 90, in direct confrontation with, and running for the entire duration of the Armory Show and in the spirit of New York’s first Armory Show in 1913, three of Williamsburg’s most brash and cutting-edge galleries have collaborated to mount “Fountain” their own “Salon de Refuse.” “Fountain” (after Duchamp's title for his “ready-made” urinal) is the perfect moniker for this independent, experimental, mini art fair with its Duchampian spirit of philosophic irony. Come and experience the unfiltered, uncouth and enterprising excitement of “Fountain.” See advanced art as it was meant to be seen, without blinders, without “taste merchants,” straight from the source. Capla Kesting Fine Art- Lincoln Capla, Dan Edwards, Christopher Gwyn, Margret Inga, David Kesting, Martina Kubinyi, Brian Leo, Ric Librizzi, Travis Lindquist, Brielle Maxwell, Morgan Russell, Jennifer Sanchez, Antony Zito The Front Room Gallery -Thomas Broadbent, Erik Guzman, Sean Hemmerle, Loren Munk, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Sante Scardillo, Patricia Smith, and Kathleen Vance. McCaig-Welles Gallery- Shepard Fairey, Doze Green, Greg Lamarche, Andrew Schoultz, David Stoupakis, The Goldmine Shithouse, Trevor Guthrie, BYOB clothespins or email us here (across the street from the Armory show at Pier 90.) Thursday March 9th—Sunday March 12th, Hours 12-9pm

* DiVA Fair The second New York edition of the Digital & Video Art Fair (aka DiVA), Mar. 9-12, 2006, occupies three floors of the Embassy Suites Hotel at 102 North End Avenue in Battery Park City in Manhattan. More than 30 galleries that specialize in film and video have signed up for DiVA, including New York dealers Elga Wimmer, Gallery Boreas, Intersections: New York, LMAK, Maya Stendahl, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Pablo’s Birthday and Rewind/Florence Lynch Gallery. The fair is distinctly international, however, with five galleries from Spain (Antonio De Barnola, Maria Llanos, Mois‚s Perez De Albeniz, Sicart and Magda Bellotti), four from Germany (Caprice Horn, DNA -- Die Neue Aktionsgalerie, PLAY_Gallery for Still And Motion Pictures and TZR Galerie F?r Bildende Kunst), two from France (Les Filles Du Calvaire, Mamia Bretesch‚) and two from Taipei (Chi-Wen, Gallery, Galerie Grand Siecle). Other exhibitors make the trip from Canada (Pierre-Fran?ois Ouellette Art Contemporain), Russia (ARKA), China (Shanghart), the Netherlands (RONMANDOS), Italy (Paolo Bonzano Artecontemporanea) and even Chicago (Walsh Gallery). The DiVA opening night party, on Mar. 9, 2006, is sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Tickets to the vernissage are $40 (admitting two); $10.

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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
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