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Marvelous Midlife Art Career - Fluxus

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Books: Attacked by the Heart and Cool Man in a Golden Age

Hans Hoffmann

The Ciricullum - Don Gray

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Express Yourself, It's Later Than You Think - Brad Holland

Three Flags - Jasper Johns

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Phantom Pain - Brad Holland

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The Surprising Formula for Becoming an Art Star

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Speak and Write Postmodern

The Suburban Street Into the Sky

The New York School

"To be an artist, one must never shirk from the truth as he understands it, never withdraw from life." - Diego Rivera

Guggenheim Museum Painting

Guggenheim Museum by George A. Rada
Oil on Canvas

The Surprising Formula for Becoming an Art Star

by Kelly Crow
from Wall Street Journal November 12, 2018



Roadside Venus
"Portrait of Ivan Karp"

Written by Curt Barnes

Photo of Painting Used by permission of Tom Hébert

@ Tom Hébert., Artist


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