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- Nguyen Cam: Blue Night, Red Earth
Rosenberg & Co.
19 E 66th St, NYC
On View: In Person till Jul 31, 2020

- Raymond Pettibon: Studio
David Zwirner
537 W 20th St, NYC
On View: Now Open

- Darina Karpov: Between the no-longer and the still-to-come
155 Suffolk St, NYC
On View: By Appointment

- Terence Koh: Diary
Andrew Edlin Gallery
On Line: Feature through July 24th

- Future Facing Gardens
The High Line
On Line: Focus

- Kristen Mills
Ortega y Gasset
On Line: Viewer

FRIDAY - JULY 3, 2020

- Fragile: Mildred Beitre, Anders Bergstrom, Noah Breuer, Louse Eastman, Greg Foley, and more.
55 W 28th St, NY
On Line: Summer Exhibition Opens Fri Jul 3rd

- Alex Chaves: Oaks of Righteousness
Martos Gallery
41 Elizabeth St, NYC
On View: by Appointment

- Sean Fader: Thirst Trap
Denny Dimin Gallery
29 Lispenard St, NYC
On View: thru Aug 21 by Appointment

- Carol Rama: Bricolage 1963
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Explore

- Masterpiece Online 2020
Hauser & Wirth
On Line: Focus

- Catalina Chervin: Meet the Artist
Cecilia De Torres
On Line: Video


- Lea Bertucci: So|os
Fridman Gallery
On Line: Performance Event Thur Jul 2nd at 8pm

- Art History from Home
Whitney Museum
On Line: Event, Thur July 2nd at 12pm

- Nancy Callan: Dialogues
Heller Gallery
303 10th Ave at 28th St, NYC
On View: Reopened

- The Enduring Flowers of Spring
The High Line
On Line: Focus

- Pierre-Jean Mariette and the Art of Collecting Drawings
The Morgan Library
On Line: Focus

- Threaded Memory: Steven Towns, Gommaar Guilliams, Marielle Plaisir, Tina Williams Brewer & more
De Buck Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room

- The Endless Forest: Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn | Daniel Canoger: Billow
Bitforms Gallery
On Line: Livestream

- Marc Straus
299 Grand St, NYC
On View: Reopening Today with Visits by Appointment


- Rachael Gorchov: Concavity
Owen James Gallery
On Line: Exhibition through Aug 1st

- Volker Huller: Etchings and Mixed Media Paintings
Van Doren Waxter
On Line: Special Presentation

- Phase II ReOpening
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
520 W 27th St, NYC
On View: by Appointment Only

- Paul Glabicki: 10 Scenes Drawing Series: The Final Chapters - the path of the narrative evolved during the pandemic.
Kim Foster Gallery
On Line: Focus


TUESDAY - JUNE 30, 2020

- Alexander Calder
Barbara Mathes Gallery
On Line: Highlight

- Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager: Two Russians in the Free World
Microscope Gallery
On Line: Viewable till July 19, 2020

- Izzy Barber: Last Call and Chinatown Paintings | Ivan Seal: Generation Game | Daniel Gordon: Night Pictures
James Fuentes
On Line: Through July 15th

- Gunther Forg: Surface of Bronze
Hauser & Wirth, Zurich
On Line: Viewing Room

- Marcel Dzama: Pink Moon
David Zwirner
On Line: Viewing Room

- Featured Plant: Culver's Root
The High Line
On Line: Focus

MONDAY - JUNE 29, 2020

- Relations: Painting and Diaspora
The PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art
On Line: Exhibition through Nov 29, 2020

- Rodney Graham
303 Gallery
On Line: In Focus

- Robert Indiana: Love, 1966/99
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Focus

- Annie Leibovitz: Still Life
Hauser & Wirth
On Line: Exhibition

- Joan Snyder: The Summer Becomes a Room
Canada Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room till Jul 18, 2020

SUNDAY - JUNE 28, 2020

- Studio: Jeff Koons on Inflatable Forms
David Zwirner
On Line: Viewing Room

- Stronger Than Language
Hauser & Wirth, St. Moritz
On Line: Viewing Room

- New York Tough: Benny Andrews, Romare Beardon, Joseph Delaney, Red Grooms, John Marin, Adelaide Morris, Ma Weber, and more.
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
On Line: June Birthdays

- Reston Unis: Galerie Danysz, Valeria Cetraro, Laurent Godin, Edouard Montassut, Mor Charpentier, New Galerie, Sultana
Perrotin Gallery
On Line: Viewing Salon

- Outside In: Large Scale Sculptures
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore

- Mushrooms, New Plants, and Homes for Bees: Garden Updates from our Director of Horticulture
The High Line
On Line: Focus

SATURDAY - JUNE 27, 2020

- John White Alexander, Thomas Anshutz, Edward Armitage, Milton Avery, George Bellows, and more.
Hirschl and Adler
On Line: Figural Art

- George Condo, Pable Picasso, Alexander Calder
David Benrimon Fine Art
On Line: Selections

- Paul Klee, Bridget Riley
David Zwirner Gallery
Reopening: London

- William Blake: America - A Prophecy - Poetry, Printmaking, and Painting
The Morgan Library
On Line: Focus

- Nathalie Du Pasquier: Spaces Between Things
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore

- Inside Track: Garden Resiliency
The High Line
On Line: Focus

FRIDAY - JUNE 26, 2020

- Julio Le Parc: A Selection of Paintings Spanning 4 Decades
Perrotin Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room through Sun Jul 5th

- Sean Fader: Thirst Trap
Denny Dimin Gallery
On View: Jun 23 - Aug 21, 2020

- Flat File, Friday - Leah Piepgras
Ortega y Gasset Projects
On Line: Spotlight

- Lorna Simpson: Special Characters
Hauser & Wirth, Hong Kong
On Line: Viewing Room

- Scott Covert
127 Henry St, NYC 10002
On View: June 24 - Jul 31, 2020

- Inside Track: Art in Times of Crisis
The High Line
On Line: Focus

THURSDAY - JUNE 25, 2020

- Nancy Callan: Dialogues
Heller Gallery
303 10th Ave at 28th St, NYC
ReOpening: Exhibition

- Zelensky: Where is It Heading?
The Ukrainian Institute
On Line: Webinar

- Jose Parla: It's Yours Panel Discussion with Jasmine Wahl
Bronx Museum
On Line: Event, Tur June 25, 6-7pm

- Beyond Infinity: Contemporary Art after Kusama
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
On Line: Exhibition

- Gerhard Richter: Painting After All
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
On Line: Exhibition

- Yin Xiuzhen: In the Spirit of Invincibility
Pace Gallery
On Line: Explore


- Alina Szapocznikow: To Exalt the Ephemeral
Hauser & Wirth, London
On Line: Viewing Room

- Frank Stella: Concentric Squares 1977
Levy Gorvy
On Line: Viewing Room

- Barnes Takeout: Your Daily Serving of Art
Barnes Foundation
On Line: You Tube


Since Post Pandemic Phase II has begun, several galleries are Reopening while others may offer a private viewing at your request.


York, Maine ©
Anna Feld
Oil on Canvas





Michael Weinert Art

East River Sunrise, Brooklyn and Queens
H. Michael Weinert
Oil on Canvas






Apples on a Plate © George Zipparo
Oil on Canvas







Ken McConney Artist

Still Life with Grapefruit © Ken McConney
Acrylic Painting






Susan Gerstein Artist
Fantasy Landscape No. 06 © Susan Gerstein
Oil Sketch





Clouds © H. Michael Weinert
Oil Painting





Alice Grisant Artist
Earth Energy © Alice Grisant
Oil Painting





Jack Tricarico Artist

Convergence © Jack Tricarico





Ariadne © George A. Rada
Oil on Canvas
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