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The term "mosaic" is used to describe tiling that involves fitting small pieces together to create a pattern or design. Mosaic tile is available in a wide variety of materials including ceramic, natural stone, pebbles, marble, and glass. Designs can range from a simple straight border, to a intricate medallion centerpiece.

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Rose Box Mosaic
Rose Box For Fran

Venetian Mask Mosaic
Venetian Mask by Sue Yoshitoshi

After Gustav Klimt
After Gustav Klimt by Sue Yoshitoshi

The Poetic Language of Mosaic


Mosaics Union Square New York City Studio

MOSAIC WORKSHOPS are available on Wednesdays - Ongoing Winter and Summer - in a Unique Setting - Union Square Artist Studio in NYC. Also available are Winter classes held on Saturdays.

Flapper Girl Mosaic
Flapper Girl - Plate

Trout Mosaic

Tobin Frame
Kim's Frame by Kim Tobin

Create an engaging masterpiece that you will treasure forever along with the inspiration that comingled with your own personal design of your Mosaic.

Many of these Mosaics are For Purchase

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