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The satisfactions of acquiring works of art are substantial; among the greatest is the pleasure of living with a work of art day after day. The discerning collector will find in New YorkArt Market, the highest degree of informed judgment and expertise, to ensure that the process of selecting and purchasing art is a highly rewarding one at New York Art

Original Art Works - Priced from $ 3,000 - 12,000

Richard Barnet
Ships with Shields

Joy Walker
For SS
For S.S.
Oil & oilstick on flat cut-out sheet metal - 49" X 34"

Elinore Schnurr
Hotel W
Hotel W / Times Square
Oil on Canvas
26" X 40"


Note: New York Art World encourages the building of collections and assists in the selection of art for museums, individuals and corporations.The gallery showcase has been founded with a dedication to scholarship and one of its goals is to foster worldwide understanding of American Art.

Our focal point is on the role of the arts in mainstream society. Art engenders an open forum where good ideas can rise and creative solutions have space to mature. The arts can be a subtle catalyst for powerful change and the vehicle to make difficult problems accessible and comprehendible -- because art touches both the mind and the heart. For the young, the arts provide an alternate pathway to self-esteem and problem solving with real solutions.

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