Robert Casper

The Monumental and the Eternal in Art

Boy on Horse
© Robert Casper

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Above all, he is devoted to Cezanne, for whom he feels enormous reverence.


Seated Woman with Hat
Acrylic with Pumice and Matte Medium on Canvas
40" X 52"

Seated Woman with Hat
Seated Woman with Hat © Robert Casper, 2003



This master's great paintings (i.e. "Gardenne" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the large "Bathers" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art) are, he feels, shrines to the monumental and eternal in art.


Boy on Horse by Robert Casper
Acrylic with Pumice and Matte Medium on Linen Canvas
40" X 52"

Boy on Horse
Boy on Horse © Robert Casper, 2003



The concepts of form and structure engendered in these important works, needed to be reasserted.

Towards this end, Casper wrote and published a 48 page booklet titled, "On the Essence of Picturial Form", which addressed these concerns using text and diagrams.

Woman and Loom by Robert Casper
Acrylic mixed with Matte Medium and Pumice on Canvas
40" X 52"

Woman and Loom
Woman and Loom © Robert Casper, 2003


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