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Sheet Metal Painting Series

Elusive Joy Walker

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"Joy, your wafer-thin pieces are fat-free, with no artificial colors or preservatives - irresistible to this ocular gourmet."

In a letter, October 1994 - Sidney Geist

Comfy Armchair
Joy Walker 2001
Art like a Comfy Arm Chair, 1997
Oil and oilstick on flat cut-out sheet metal
35" X 51"

"None of these new works look like objects, surfaces or depictions.

One has the sense of peering through a sharp-edged hole in the wall at parts of some unknown visual expanse.

Joy Walker 2001
A cave painting for Nancy Graves, 1995
Oil and oilstick on flat cut-out sheet metal
30" X 55"

In fact, implied continuation of a field is a constant in Walker's oeuvre, along with an emotive display of color held in check by powerfully graphic shapes, whether geometric or organic."

Janet Koplos
Art in America, September

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