Joy Walker

Sheet Metal Painting Series

Front Fire
Dizzy Atmosphere Joy Walker

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A Delicious Paradox

For S. S. , 1996
Oil and oilstick on
flat cut-out sheet metal
49" X 34"

Joy Walker 2001



"The delicious paradox of these 'thin' paintings is that they represent space within, while the shape of the format itself suggests a distinct volume, both conveyed with what can seem metallic blades of paint, slices of picture." . . .

The Counterpoint of Edge

Dizzy Atmosphere, 1992

Oil and oilstick on

flat cut-out sheet metal

45" X 33"




. . . "The counterpoint of edge to colored surface has a deliberation, a clarity of resolution which is important." . . . "Smart, funny delicate, odd. These moderate-sized, incisive paintings balance irony and passion in a kind of post-abstraction abstract painting."

George Woodman

catalog essay, March 1995

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