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Mosaic Gustav Klimt
After Gustav Klimt by Harriet Feinglass

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Mosaic Art Studio just North of Greenwich Village, in Manhattan at the North West Corner of the Park.

Cash Fee Payable at your First Mosaic Class
1 to 4 Classes - Mosaic Series
-- Wednesdays Afternoons from 1-4pm or
-- Wednesday Evenings from 6-9pm - Ongoing

Ongoing: Classes --

All materials and tools are provided for in-class work. This is included in the Fee. No additional charges.

Starting Mid-Month is an Acceptable Option

This class will explore color, texture, opus and reflectivity. We focus on style, development and individual expression.

Many of our artists like to work with great artists in mind: like Matisse, Klimt, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Utrillo, as shown.

See Mosaic Class Page for More Detailed Info.

tMosaic Pomegranite Fruit
Pomegranite - Fruit Series

Union Square Artists Studio in Manhattan

Mosaic Fruit Series by Harriet Feinglass

Mosaic Two Fruits
Two Fruits - Fruit Series

Mosaic Banana Bunch
Banana - Fruit Series

Mosaic Fruit Grapes
Mosaic Grapes - Fruit Series

Mosaic Peach Fruit
Peach - Fruit Series

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Feinglass Butterfly Mosaic

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