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Painting in Paris. . .

To Monets House
The Road to Monet's House Steve Sandler

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On the Road in France and Italy

On the Way to Piazzale Roma Venice,


Painting by Steve Sandler

I am in France on the road to visit Giverny and Mr. Monet's House. Yellow's, blues and pinks lead the way to his studio and beyond the wonderful gardens where Mr. Monet painted his water lillies.


His presence is way too strong and I can't paint so it's off to the Catalan region and the old port town of Collioure.

No question with every step I hear the echo of Mr. Matisse's steps as he and Mr. Derain "invented" the Fauve movement here.



To Monets House
Steve Sandler 2001 - On the Road to Mr. Monet's House/Giverny - Acrylic on Canvas - 36" X 48" - $3,200



One can easily see why. The intensity of the colors playing on the buildings and water gives off a very special glimmer - certainly not tame.



Phare Port Vendres
Steve Sandler 2001 Phare/Port Vendres - Acrylic on Canvas - 24" X 24" - $1,800


Walking Mr Matisse
Steve Sandler 2001 - Walking With Mr. Matisse / Eglise de l' Ancien & Couvent des Dominicains / Collioure
Acrylic on Canvas - 24" X 24"

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