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Art Gallery Shows and Opening Receptions 2020

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Phase IV is In Effect and many galleries are Reopening while others may offer a private viewing at your request.



- MFA 2020 Thesis Project: Siobhan O'Connor, Ian Lotto, Anne Herrero, Lydia Baker, Austin Harvey, Mariano Cinat, Juliette Vaissiere, Julia Tighe, Augusto Fanjul.
The New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin St, NYC
On View: till Aug 19, 2020 (By Appointment, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm)

- Belle da Costa Greene & Bernard Berenson with Philip Palmer, Rober H. Taylor, Daria Rose Foner.
The Morgan Library
On Line: Program Aug 13th at 4pm (Register)

- Katherine Bradford: With love, from Maine
Canada Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room till Sep 12, 2020

- The Most Notable Mentor-Mentee Pairings in Art History: Andrea del Verrocchio, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Hans Balding, Johannes van Bronckhurst, Herman Henstenburgh, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Lawrence Alma Tadema, Anna Alma Tadema, Man Ray, Lee Miller.
On Line: Feature

- From Chernobyl with Love by Katya Cengal
Ukrainian Institute
On Line: Video

- Leaders with Lacqua: Olafur Eliasson, Artist
Tanya Bonakdar
On Line: Video Interview

- Pandemic Eyeworks: Experimental Animation Under Lockdown
Pioneer Works
On Line: Screening - Aug 13th 8pm, Aug 14, 2pm, Aug 16, 7pm


- Works on Paper from a Distinguished Private Collection of Donald B. Maron: Brice Marden, Ed Ruscha, William Kentridge, Ellsworth Kelly, Fernand Leger, Jasper Johns, Raoul Dufy, Paul Thek, Mamma Anderson.
A Co-Presentation by: Acquavella Galleries, Gagosian, & Pace Galleries
68 Park Place, East Hampton, NY
On View: Aug 12 - 20, 2020

- Dan Walsh: In Conversation with Aldo Rubin, Founder & President, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Buenos Aires
Paula Cooper presents
On Line: Live Dialogue by Zoom - Wed Aug 12th at 11am EDT

- Apocalypse of Saint John (Blockbook) (PML 8)
The Morgan Library & Museum
On Line: Woodcuts

- Red Dot Winner Exhibition 2020
The Art Students League
On Line: Slide Presentation

- 10 In Demand: Rex Southwick, Angel Otero, Jesse Mockrin, Ethan Cook, Josh Sperling, Mandy El-Sayegh, Hernan Bas, Josef Albers, Ernesto Neto, Kaws, Burt Van Deusen
On Line: Editorial

- The Art World We Have Lost: Loren Munk's Soho Map
On Line: Map Paintings

- Rachel Pimm: Plates
Whitechapel Gallery, London
On Line: Exhibition


- Tobias Mohl: Intersection - Blown Glass Vessel Installations Referencing Textiles.
Heller Gallery
303 10th Ave at 28th St, NYC
On View: Summer Hours Mon-Fri, 11am to 5pm, or by appointment.

- Kelly Akashi: Artist Talk
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
On Line: Video

- Glyphs: Janet Goldner & Kiyoko Sakai, Prince's Garden: Azita Ghafouri, Language: Liz Curtin
Carter Burden Gallery
548 W 28th St, NYC
On Line: Exhibition till Sep 2, 2020

- Sunrise / Sunset: A series of Internet art projects that mark sunset & sunrise in NYC every day.
The Whitney
On Line: Commissions

- 12 African American Artists You Should Know More About: Alma Thomas, Charles Henry Alston, James Washington Jr., Gwendolyn Magee, Prince Demah, Beauford Delaney, Elba Lightfoot, Edwin Harleston, Lois Mallou Jones, Pearl Fryar, Henry O. Tanner, Robert S. Duncanson,
Art & Object
On Line: At Large

- The Open Air Gallery
Elephant Art
On Line: Exhibition Making

MONDAY - AUGUST 10, 2020

- Sylvia Maier: About Sangomas and Soothsayers and Mischief
Malin Gallery
515 W 29th St, NYC
On View: Private Appointments till Nov 1, 2020, Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm, or Virtual Tour

- Eric Freeman: Two Dimensional Paintings
Allouche Gallery
82 Gansevoort St, NYC
On View: Exhibition (Tue thru Fri, 12-5pm - Open by Appointment)

- Meet the Artist Video Series: Lidya Buzio
Cecilia de Torres Ltd.
On Line: Video

- Sean Fader: Thirst/Trap
Denny Dimin Gallery
On Line: Catalog, till Aug 21, 2020

- 17 Contemporary Artists Reimagining the Still Life: Hilary Pecis, Holly Coulis, Nicole Dyer, Anna Valdez, Alec Egan, Nikki Maloof, Pedro Pedro, Lucia Hierro, Jean Shin, Daniel Gordon, Arden Surdam, Stephanie Shih, Guanyu Xu, Maria Nepomuceno, Tishan Hsu, Isaac Julien, Guy Yanai.
On Line: Editorial

- Joel Robinson: Glen Plaid
Cooper Hewitt
On Line: Field of Fabric


- Abstracting Representation: Paul Fagenskiold, Helmut Federle, Alex Katz, David Rabinowitch, David Reed, John Zuerier
Peter Blum
On Line: Viewing Room

- Gustav Metzgers' Auto-Destructive Art
Hauser & Wirth
On Line: Dispatchers Video

- Elad Lassry: Photographic Images
303 Gallery
On Line: Viewing Room, thru Sep 25, 2020

- Tang Hui: One World, One Dream
Ethan Cohen Fine Art
On Line: Viewing Room thru Sep 5, 2020

- Hiba Schahbaz: Figurative Paintings
De Buck Gallery
On Line: Spotlight

- Pungent Dystopia: Weekly Featured Artists
Freight + Volume
97 Allen St, NYC
On View: Exhibition Open to the Public or By Appointment


- Young Artists: One - 33 Artists
Fridman Gallery
169 Bowery at Delancey St, NYC
On View: thru Sep 9th (Mon - Fri, 12-6pm, Open to the Public & Online)

- Donald Judd, Sarah Charlesworth, Douglas Huebler, Wali Raad, Veronica Ryan and Sam Durant
Paula Cooper Gallery
524 W 26th St, NYC
On View: till Sep 5, 2020 (by Appointment)

- Margaret Garrett: 19 Poses, 7 woodblock and chine Colle prints.
Planthouse at the Beach
On View: By Appointment Open House on Shelter Island Sat Aug 8 & Sun Aug 9

- Don Eddy On Process: Daughter Light Daughter Bright
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
On Line: Video - Final Stages

- Whistler and Roussel: Linked Visions
The Art Institute of Chicago
On Line: Catalogue

- Kerry James Marshall: Studio
David Zwirner
On Line: Studio

- Kirk Savage: What Kind of Monuments Do We Want?
More Art
On Line: Artist Voices

- Banksy and Rembrandt Boost Sotheby's Sale to $192.7 Million
Sotheby's Auction House & NY Times
On Line: Read - Artworks from 7 Centuries


- Karlheinz Weinberger: Together & Alone - Photography
127 Henry St, NYC 10002
On View: thru Oct 4, 2020 (Social Distancing & By Appointment)

- Louise Bourgeois: Eye Benches II, 1996 - 1997
Hauser & Wirth, Southampton
On View: By Appointment, Tue - Sun, 11am-6pm

- Painting Place: Nell Blaine, Jane Freilicher, Fairfield Porter, Albert York
The Drawing Room
35 Main St, East Hampton NY
On View: till Aug 31st, 11am-5pm, By Appointment

- Roman Art
The Art Institute of Chicago
On Line: Catalogue

- Karyn Olivier: Link to Monuments, Solo Exhibition
ICA Philadelphia
On Line: Larger than Life

- Taking Shape Session 3: Modern Art in Algeria and Egypt
NYU Grey Art Gallery
On Line: Webinar Series


- MFA 2020 Thesis Project: Siobhan O'Connor, Ian Lotto, Anne Herrero, Lydia Baker, Austin Harvey, Mariano Cinat, Juliette Vaissiere, Julia Tighe, Augusto Fanjul.
The New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin St, NYC
On View: Aug 6 - 19, 2020 (By Appointment, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm)

- Darina Karpov: Between the no-longer and the still-to-come
Pierogi Gallery
155 Suffolk St, NYC
On View: Visit By Appointment

- Renoir Paintings and Drawings
The Art Institute of Chicago
On Line: Catalogue

- Alfred Jarry: The Carnival of Being, with Sheelagh Bevan
Morgan Library
On Line: Program Aug 6th at 4pm (Register)

- Aiko Hachisuka
Van Doren Waxter
On Line: Special Presentation thru Sep 4, 2020

- Ophir Agassi: Art Making Experience During Covid-19
The Painting Center
On Line: Focus


- Social Photography VIII
Carriage Trade
277 Grand St, 2nd Fl, NYC
On View: Aug 5 - Sep 20, 2020

- Documents: Jack Beal, Manny Farber, Kevin Frances, Kija Lucas, Tony May
George Adams Gallery
525 W 26th St, NYC
On View: thru Sep 26, Tue-Fri, 11am-5pm, by appointment.

- Pissarro Paintings and Works on Paper
The Art Institute of Chicago
On Line: Catalogue

- Mike Nudelman and Sophie Varin
Fortnight Institute & The New Yorker
On Line: Explore

- Redistribution: A Collaborative Discussion Series with researchers workers and artists exploring the complications, contradictions, and entanglements in the escalating need and demand to redistribute. Organized by Lauren van Haaften-Schick & Kenneth Pietrobono.
EFA Project Space
On Line: Hosted Virtually till Sep 2020


- Young Artists: One
Fridman Gallery
169 Bowery at Delancey St, NYC
On View: thru Sep 9th (Online & By Appointment)

- Edmund White and Bill Goldstein: A Saint from Texas - A Novel
192 Books & Paula Cooper Gallery
On Line: Watch Event

- Monet Paintings and Drawings
The Art Institute of Chicago
On Line: Catalogue

- The Outwin 2019: Portrait Competition
Smithsonian Museum & National Portrait Gallery
On Line: Exhibition

- Frankenstein & the Year Without A Summer
Morgan Library
On Line: Program Aug 4th at 11:30am (Register)

- Tyree Guyton: An American Show
Martos Gallery
41 Elizabeth St, NYC
On View: Street Facing Gallery

- This Man Protects the World's Rarest Color Pigments
Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge MA
On Line: Video

Steve Sandler Artist
Windows Aix
© Steve Sandler
Acrylic Painting




Susan Gerstein Art
Fantasy Landscape No. 44
© Susan Gerstein, Artist

Oil Sketch


Minerva Durham
Drawing at Sara Delano Park

Draw With Us

(See New Schedule)

InDoors: On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
Out Doors: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

at Sara Delano Roosevelt Park,
Broome St Corridor

Phone: 917-375-6086

Everyone Welcome
Short and Long Poses

Minerva's Outdoor Sketch Sessions

Mon thru Sat - 9:30am, 1pm, 6pm -- Sundays - 10am & 1:30pm,
Gallery Hours: 4-6pm weekdays & by Appointment
Call Minerva for appointment 917-375-6086



City Artists Celebrate



Claire Clark Sculptor

Dancing Claire Clark
Ceramic Sculpture





Roger Smith Artist
Harbor © Roger Smith, Artist
Oil Painting





Steve Sandler Artist
The Red Cafe, Paris
© Steve Sandler
Acrylic Painting





Joy Walker Artist
Mod Brooklyn
© Joy Walker, Artist
Oil on Canvas




Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Dream House
© Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Acrylic Glaze on Gessoed Paper



Michael Weinert Art
Block Island Beach, RI
© H. Michael Weinert
Oil on Canvas




Patricia Rendleman Artist
Asian Sale © Patricia Rendleman
Acrylic on Canvas

Vincent D'Alessio Artist
Beach at Key Biscayne © Vincent D'Alessio
Oil Painting





Judith Houston Emerson

The Same Old Story © Judith Houston Emerson
Original Painting





George Rada Painting
Secret Garden © George A. Rada
Oil on Canvas





Jack Tricarico Artist
Two Figures © Jack Tricarico
Mixed Media on Paper




New York City Museums

The Met Fifth Avenue
is planning on Reopening on
August 29th, at 25% capacity,
pending state and city approval.

New York Botanical Garden
is planning on Reopening on
July 28th, at 33% capacity, with
reservations in advance required.


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