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I am a Wayward Kite

I'm a wayward kite

and this cage is the void itself.

Let the thread go

a little. May this

paper bird

fly unchecked.


I'm sure even

the void's cage

somewhere has

bars: I too

happen to be mortal.

Let the thread go

a little. May this kite, tumbling and gyrating,

at least

reach those


excerpt from I Am A Wayward Kite by Bal Sitaram Mardhekar 1909-1956.


Poetry In Brooklyn

at Fifth Avenue Restaurant
Located at 432 Fifth Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets,
Brooklyn NY 11215

thoughts from the underground

Tree in Union Square Park
Painting © Ronald DeNota

A R T - P O E M S by Pud Houstoun

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* Breaking Day (Painting)
* Moon Cove (Painting)

A R T - P O E M S by Tom Savage

* Patiner's St. Jerome

A R T - P O E M S by Thom Woodruff

* ART? well,

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Looking Within Last Saturday Times
Saturday, April 16, 1994
page 11

Alleged purveyors of truth
substance eludes you
chromium minimals
mirror your featureless face
concealing columns of darkness
while merchants of the moronic
reward our best blindness

freezer drones
toss our hearts
to an Arctic distance
each attempting to frost us
into a linear circularity

The New York Times:
Featuring Project of Living Artists
in 1994

Cherry Blossom Tree at City Island
Oil on Canvas
by Ron DeNota


For George McNeil

These walls became wavy
in years of cracked neglect
hardly fit to crown

myriad's of unskilled patching
seemed to mock all desire for repair

"these walls pay unintentional respect
to artists of the recent past"
says the client's associate (an interior decorator)

If one listens with the ears of the mind
one can hear slogan echoes of these
dead artists voices

"its too pasty",
"It brakes the picture plane"
"it sticks in the space"
"too much modern Art"

All the walls must have a skim coat of joint
compound says the client

Perhaps the new coat will act as an extra sound barrier
at least till you cut a hole for the new door.

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