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Paintings III

Lois Fisher, Alice Grisant, Joy Walker, McConney, Jack Tricarico, David Pena

Joy Walker Labor
© Joy Walker
Labor Painting

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Joy Walker Dish
© Joy Walker
Dish It Out
Acrylic on Canvas

Joy Walker..........

© Joy Walker
Water Lilly

Jack Tricarico

Jack Tricarico Painting
© Jack Tricarico
Passing Time

Jack Tricarico Painting
© Jack Tricarico

Elinore Schnurr, Alice Grisant, Lois Fisher






The power that painting can possess is its simultaneous ability to challenge conventions and be improvisational, as well.

Safe Place Grisant
© Alice Grisant
A Safe Place

McConney .......... David Pena

Singer Sewing Machine
© Ken McConney
Singer Sewing Machine

Morgan Library Pena
© David Pena
The Morgan Library

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