New York Art World Seasonal Art Auction

The Seasonal Auction will resume in Spring/Summer 2012

The Auction:

New York Art World offers less well known artists the opportunity to introduce their works to a large audience via an auction sale. Each work would be photographed, catalogued and offered for sale to our local and world-wide internet clientel. The auctions provide artists with world-wide exposure to generate name recognition, distribution of works beyond their usual market and immediate cash flow.

New York Art World also represents a select group of artists whose work has generated substantial critical interest. The principle focus of the gallery is to represent works that are likely to obtain or sustain the interest of connoisseurs, curators, and art historians over time. New York Art World avoids reproductive prints and concentrates on unique expressions of the artist's pictorial and conceptual talents in all media (paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, or constructions).

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