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The Jazz Venue

Two Blue Nudes
Two Blue Nudes C.C. von Wolf

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C.C. von Wolf has travelled the United States, but considers New York her base.

This artist is music oriented and often frequents the jazz and blues spots. She's a city girl who plays the electric guitar occasionally.

Blue Nude Series
C.C. von Wolf 2006

Blue Nude Series: Lost in Thought
Pastel on Paper
24" x 18" Matted

Three Blue Nudes
C.C. von Wolf 2006

Blue Nude Series, Three Nudes
Pastel on Paper
24" x 18" Matted

C.C. von Wolf considers herself a spiritual being with subtle energies, continually re-creating herself, body and mind, with inner shape-shifting, bio-energetically. She believes that one needs to stretch their boundaries to find their limits.

Hew award-winnng drawings have been shown in several New York galleries, as well as, numerous collections throughout the United States.

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