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Collection of Paintings from France - On the Road in France

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In the late 1800's over 20 painters gathered around Gaughin at Port-Aven in Brittany. They prospered by painting the vivid landscapes and spiritual subjects.

Kermc Brittany


Carennac The Dordogne

Thousands of years earlier a different group of artists created the Megalithic Monuments in the fields around Carnac.

Manet and Pissarro came also, to point Navallo claiming it had some of the best light in France. I stood at the point and heard them unfolding their easels.

Kermc / Brittany

Acrylic on Canvas

36" X 36"


Kermc Brittany
Steve Sandler 2001

Steve Sandler 2001

Kervalet to Salle / The Salt Marshes / Brittany

Acrylic on Canvas, 2" X 60" five panels


I stare at their work in amazement and wonder what it must have been like 17,000 years ago when the artists of the Lascaux cave drawings would go each day to their easels and create.

Did they talk to each other?

Have critiques?

Have openings?

Did they share technical information?

Carennac / The Dordogne
Acrylic on Linen - 9" X 12"

Carennac The Dordogne
Steve Sandler 2001

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