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Working From Life

The Firefighters at Ground Zero

Mark Lerer

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Drawing From Life

There's nothing like working directly from life.

When circumstances prevent me from drawing a compelling subject on site, though, I gather photographs and other pieces of reference material on which to base the work.



Pencil on Paper

24" X 18"


Mark Lerer, 2002

The use of reference material is something I learned as a commercial art technique, but I've found it to be useful in doing fine art as well.



Pencil on Paper

17" X 14"


Mark Lerer 2002

I make no effort to be "objective". I fully take advantage of my position as an artist to communicate all of my feelings, prejudices and reflections about a given subject. Indeed, writes Wong,


The Rescue

Pencil on Paper

14" X 17"


Mark Lerer 2002

All works are Original Drawings or Paintings by Mark Lerer and One-of-a-Kind.

Mark Lerer 2016 All Rights Reserved

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