Myron Heise

Contemporary Painter on the New York Scene

 Gato Pointing
Gato Pointing Myron Heise

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City Nights . . . The Jazz Clubs in Manhattan

Myron Heise's art work and paintings conveys a compelling view of the city, with its painterly style found somewhere between folk and formalism.


Sometimes he refers to it as "Gotham".


He is a New York artist, who has been long fascinated with street life, and is a member of "The Street Painters" as well.

Carla White Band
Myron Heise, 2006
Carla White with Band
Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

Heise has a great love of the city and its forgotten areas. Jazz clubs, subway and train platforms, taverns, artists digs and empty streets become intuitively familiar.


Performances in Manhattan's smoky jazz clubs are part of the mix.

Carla White Quiet
Myron Heise
Carla White, Quiet
Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

Myron Heise finds looks for the essentials of ongoing city life as a journey to be explored and enjoyed.


He renders New York life in the same context as his view of rural country life in America.

Gato Pointing
Myron Heise
Gato Pointing

Oil on Canvas - 30"h x 24"w

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