Garufi Artist

Three Mile Harbor

Painting the Marine Life in NY

Red Keel
Red Keel © John Garufi

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Since the early 70's Garufi has consistently collaborated with and been supported by his peers and the New York art community . . .


Crossing Sails 1996

Fused Acrylic Collage
40" x 50 1/4"

Crossing Sails
John Garufi 2003

 Murals of Sailboats and the Ocean

. . . which considers him one of the more accomplished artists working in the difficult media of etching and acrylic collage.

Three Mile Harbor
John Garufi 2003
Three Mile Harbor
Fused Acrylic Collage
33 1/4" x 46"

Red Keel
John Garufi 2003
Red Keel
Fused Acrylic Collage - 33 1/2" x 46 1/2"

Nothing is more Poetic than solving a difficult problem with the easiest solution.

All Works by Garufi are Original Art and One-of-a-Kind

John Garufi 2018 All Rights Reserved

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