John Garufi

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The East Hampton Series

Blue Lagoon
Crossing Sailes © John Garufi

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The Shoreline and the Blue Lagoon

This NYC artist is currently living and painting in his home and studio in East Hampton, New York. Surrounded by the ocean and marine life, this has greatly influence his art as this Series of mural paintings emerged.

John Garufi
Diver 1984
Acrylic Collage Mixed Media
43" x 46"

Blue Lagoon
John Garufi
Blue Lagoon 1996

Fused Acrylic Collage
35 1/2" x 46 3/4"

Woman in the Garden
John Garufi 2003
Sailor's Delight
Acrylic Collage on Canvas
48" x 48"

John Garufi 2018 All Rights Reserved

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