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The Influence of Art History

Contemporary Painter in NY

Sailors Delight
Sailor's Delight © John Garufi

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Paintings from the Garden Series

The cut edge give a sharp conture to the forms which gives the painting its colorful and decorative effect.

I also paint in oils whilch I consider the great technique of art history but I like to divert every now and then to find new forms of expression.

John Garufi's new works are bold juxtapositions of structure and surface that oscillate between the figurative and the abstract.

His arrangements evince a sensitivity to objecthood and proportion, and aim at both equilibrium and open-endedness. Informed by visual and intellectual curiosity, his artworks confront the viewer with a grand  but mysterious celebration.

Midnight Orchid
Midnight Orchid John Garufi 2003
Oil on Canvas - 36" x 40"

New Forms of Expression

John Garufi has taught etching at the 99 Step Gallery in New York City.

Exotic Plant
John Garufi
Exotic Plant 1996
Fused Acrylic Collage - 34" x 44"

He has exhibited at the the Newark Museum, as well as, the Jersey City Museum.

John Garufi 2003
Fused Acrylic Collage - 44" x 58"

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