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The Nature and Technique of

Fused Collage in Artistic Terms

Deck in Springtime
Deck in the Springtime © John Garufi

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How My Collage Paintings Came About

I don't know if you could call it an official technique. I would play in old boat yards when I was a boy and was always fascinated by the colors and shapes and textures of the peeling paint and old boat canvas.


The sand, rocks, the sea and sky were all that was needed to make me a painter.


I was influenced by my natural surroundings and wished to express them in artistic terms. My collage paintings came about by trying to find a technique to express my impressions and inner feelings.

Ardent Couple
Ardent Couple John Garufi 2003
Acrylic Collage on Canvas
34" x 47"


Spring Time

I work in acrylic paint with cut pieces of paper.


I call it fused collage because the cut pieces of paper are painted then floated into the acrylic medium while everything is still wet.


The technique is very difficult, yet freeing at the same time.


The cut chapes float and fuse together giving a very spontaneous and flat effect that has its own expression.


John Garufi 2003
Deck in Springtime 1997
Fused Acrylic Collage
33 3/4" x 46 3/4"


Gardens and Nature

"Journey's End in Lover's Meeting"

William Shakespeare


Woman in a Garden 1996

Fused Acrylic Collage

34" x 52"





Woman in the Garden
Woman in a Garden John Garufi 2003


The Chrysler Building

A Great NY Tower Reaches Up Into the Sky


Chrysler Building 1984

Oil on Canvas

34" x 52" (Sold)

Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building John Garufi 2003

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