H. Michael Weinert

Artist Statement

New  Zealand Beach
New Zealand Beach South Island
H. Michael Weinert

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Paintings by the Sea

My artwork is influenced by natural forms. Shapes, colors and patterns seen in nature are attractive, whether they are in a single rock, or in a landscape or seascape.

Especially fascinating are the horizon and shore, where land, sea, and sky come together. In a sense, these are expectant and hopeful places.

I've been discovering landscapes in my travels - places I've experienced only once or twice, but want to paint. Taking photographs is part of the preparation, a reference for working in the studio. There are also favorite places close to home where I can work on site.

For Michael, seeing a painting develop is what draws him to the studio.

He says, "I love the physical and emotional qualities of oil paint, along with the day-to-day process of painting."


In contrast, working on site gives me the satisfaction of finishing smaller pieces in a few days, and the uncontrolled environment makes the days interesting and sometimes surprising.

Just as I love the physical and emotional experience of painting, being within the landscape can produce similar feelings.

H. Michael Weinert

H. Michael Weinert works with oil on canvas in his studio, and uses pastel on paper out-of-doors. His work is influenced by natural forms.

The desire to be a visual artist was sparked when his sister gave him an Instamatic camera. "That got me looking at images and wanting to make my own compositions," says the artist.

He went on to study painting at The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts, Philadelphia, graduating in 1981.

He received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1993.

Michael has participated in juried and members' shows in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

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