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Space Cadet
Space Cadet © Jack Tricarico

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Jack Tricarico is both a painter, poet, and T'ai Chi instructor. He evolved out of a commercial art background into full time painting.  As he states: "art has always felt as a necessity for me. I develop an image exclusively on impulse, based in my immediate reaction to a blank surface. This reaction is primarily chaotic. Gradually an underlying structure arises, reflecting an interconnected whole."

He began studying art at the age of twelve at the Art Students League of New York, and later at the School of Visual Art and the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. He has exhibited in galleries in New York City and in upstate New York both in one man exhibitions and group shows since 1963.


Poetry by Jack Tricarico


I was asked to leave a saloon
Where everyone's face
Looked like a death wish
I wasn't aware
I have a happy face look
The bartender said I did

It was an unusually windy day
In the streets of Manhattan
Hats sailing high
Like jet propelled frisbees
Dresses above waist level
And no panties
Reminding me of a girl
Who said the wind is romantic
Because it's so "kissy"
And in always the right places

Wind suctions everything
Things it can touch
And things that it can't
And sometimes the wind
Is selective
I had a blown away mind
Memory scattered
Like stars in the sky
And the wind gave it back
Pieces of past lives
Invaded the present

It was a chronological mess
The wind is indifferent to order
I should have felt thankful, perhaps
Instead of diminished. Later I thought

If the wind had a voice
What would it tell me?
Would it talk about love
How love is unstable?
Would it talk about god
How god may be dead?
Would it talk about wealth
How wealth may imprison?
Would it come as a friend
Just to embrace me?
Or to read me a peom
About wind?

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