Nantucket Paintings Series

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Nantucket Beach House
Jacqueline Rada 2005
Nantucket Beach House
Acrylic on Gessoed Paper
24" X 30"

Nantucket Island in Massachusetts

The winter glooms

with friends of pliant soul,

Or blithe or solemn,

as the theme inspired:

With them would search

if nature's boundless frame

Was called, late-rising,

from the void of night,

Or sprung eternal

from the Eternal Mind;

It's life,

its laws,

its progress,

and its end.

Nantucket Boat House
Jacqueline Rada 2005
Nantucket Boat House
Acrylic on Gessoed Paper
24" X 30"


Hence larger prospects

of the beauteous whole

would gradual open

on our opening minds,

and each diffusive harmony


In full perfection

of the astonished eye.

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