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Moon Night
Moon Night Jacqueline Sferra Rada 2003
Acrylic on Gessoed Paper
24" X 30"

Compelling Aspects of Mystery and Duality

In a sudden turnabout, Sferra's "Moon Night" increases the physicality of the most ephemeral element -- sky -- to place a full moon above a weighty emptiness.

Here she evokes a sense of uncertainty mixed simultaneously with a curiosity about the unknown. These compelling aspects of mystery and duality are characteristic of her work.

In essence, Sferra's paintings, while promising a calm and solitary reverie, enter into a mystical world where the basis of experience and memory questions its physical orientation, thereby imbuing them with poetic tension.

by Rachel Youens

Moon Gazing;
Looking at it, it clouds over;
Not looking, it becomes clear.

1729 - 1781 AD

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