Elinore Schnurr

A Portrait Painter for Personal Portraiture

Portraits on Commission

Elinore Schnurr is a figurative painter,

loosely tied to the realist tradition


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"A portrait, to me, is a dialogue between the sitter and myself, the artist. I seek, step by step, to capture the sitter in visual terms, a sort of magical procedure whereby various aspects of the sitter reveal themselves and are captured as the portrait moves along.


"I came to make portraits through the discipline of figurative painting. My strength in portraiture lies in merging the painterly qualities of composition, mass, color and line with the ability to capture a likeness.


"Except for single head portraits, I prefer to work on location in the place of the subject's choosing, usually in the subject's home. I usually start with a photo session to determine the best pose and location; photographs are especially useful when dealing with groups.


Color studies and life sittings may take place as the painting moves along. Live sittings depend on the client's time and access.


I take the painting as far as I can to finish, share it with the client and make any adjustments that are necessary."


Michelle and JB
Michelle and J.B. Elinore Schnurr


Patalano Children Treehouse
Patalano Children in Tree House Elinore Schnurr


Portrait of Issaacc
Isaac Elinore Schnurr


Artist with Dog
The Artist and His Dog Elinore Schnurr

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