Elinore Schnurr

A Portrait Painter for Personal Portraiture

Portraits on Commission

Elinore Schnurr is a figurative painter,

loosely tied to the realist tradition


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Elinore Schnurr, Portrait Artist, has made many paintings on location during her travels. Occasionally, a patron would request that he or she be included in the painting. This has led to many casual portraits on commission.

Pricing: This oil on canvas shown above, of Morgan, "is 12" x 16" in size.

Elinore charges $2,500 for a portrait of comparable size.

Prices vary with size, type of portrait (three-quarter, full body, etc.), number of people involved.

Please EMAIL Elinore Schnurr through this web site for price list and/or discussion of an individual commission.

Jameson Morgan
Morgan Elinore Schnurr 2006
oil on canvas - 16" x 12"

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