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Hotel W in Times Square - Balthazar

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Elinore went on to receive a BFA degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art and has painted nearly every day since.

Hotel W
Elinore Schnurr 2006
Hotel W / Times Square
Oil on Canvas - 26" x 40"

"The interiors of public places in New York City, from intimate bars to cavernous hotel lobbies, have been the focus of a series of atmospheric paintings by Elinore Schnurr, who is intrigued by how such defined enclosures influence the interactions of their random occupants.

Often posing as a patron of the setting she intends to paint, Schnurr records her initial impressions as small, on-the-spot watercolors that register structural environment, tonal relationships within the space, and the imprint of figures coming into and out of her visual field.

She also makes careful color notes of the controlled lighting that heightens the drama of exchange between such spaces and people passing through them. These sketches inform compositions further developed on canvas in her Brooklyn studio."

The above quote is from "Painting the Town: Cityscapes of New York," published by the Museum of the City of New York and Yale University Press.

When Elinore travels, she carries her pocade box in her backpack. The pochade box is a small self-contained paint box with built-in easel.

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