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Cup O' Soup
Times Square - Cup O' Soup Elinore Schnurr

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Times Square LG
Elinore Schnurr 2006
Times Square LG
Oil on Canvas
48" x 36"


Elinore Schnurr has developed a body of work of the Times Square theater district. She did many of these paintings on location. She has many more compelling works in her prolific cityscape series.

Times Square, the heart of the theater district extends from Broadway and Seventh Avenue. A myriad of streets that cross Broadway house more than 40 old and new theaters. They are displaying their extravagant productions that culminates in a compelling experience. Once a neglected and squalid neighborhood, Broadway and 42nd Street is now a safe place for children as well as adults. Visitors hoping for bargains on the same-day theater tickets will find the TKTs board where discounted offerings are posted.

Commercial attractions such as Circle Line, Ripleys, the Intrepid Museum, Madame Tussauds are available and the area is clean, safe and tourist friendly.


Times Square LG and

Times Square Cup 'O Soup

are each $3,000 -- together $5,500

Residential buildings have grown in an area called Clinton. And bargain-priced eateries placed along 9th Ave serve varied and unusual foods than the tradtional famous restaurant row spots.

To the west of Times Square, near theLincoln Tunnel and Port Authority area, lies Hells Kitchen, where a gang and crime-ridden Irish community scraped by during the 19th century. Italians, Greeks, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and others now inhabit the vicinity. It is also becoming the "new Chelsea" as rents there continue to rise.

Cup O Soup
Elinore Schnurr 2006
Times Square - Cup O' Soup
Oil on Canvas - 48" x 36"

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