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James Beard © George A. Rada

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The United Nations Center

in New York City


In order to capture certain landmarks of the city, Mr. Rada sometimes found it necessary to go across the river to get the view that he found best to describe his opinion.


Here is that wonderful landmark of the United Nations in midtown Manhattan as seen from an even smaller island.

View Roosevelt Island
George A. Rada 2003
View from Roosevelt Island
Oil on Canvas
16" x 18"


James Beard

As a portrait painter with an impressive list of commissions, the same quality of refined detail and intimacy exists in all his works.


He has the ability to go beyond creating a likeness to portraying the inner spirit of his subjects whether it be the human form, nature or inanimate objects.


The Portrait of James Beard is in the Collection of the James Beard Foundation

George A. Rada 2003
Mr. James Beard

Oil on Canvas Painting
36" X 30"

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