George A. Rada

New York Art . . . Waterways and Bridges

Louse Point, East Hampton
Louse Point © George A. Rada

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Red Hook

View from Red Hook in Brooklyn
© George A. Rada
View from Red Hook
Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"

The Waterways by Brooklyn and Long Island


Mr. Rada spent a good deal of time in Brooklyn capturing the luminous beauty of the waterways and bridges around the city.


He is reaching, trying to find his balance, his painterly center. The day is filled with the clinging air, wet winds, discordant clouds.

East Hampton

Louse Point, East Hampton
George A. Rada 2003
Louse Point, East Hampton
Oil on Canvas
18" x 28"

A lush forest along the wet banks where a moody expanse rises on the opposite shore.

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