Regina Perlin

Art Paintings of Brooklyn - The Perlin Series

sunlight trash cans
© Regina Perlin

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The Surprising Beauty of Ordinary Things

© Regina Perlin 2004
View of the Gowanus Canal (Sold)
Oil on Canvas - 24" x 30"

This brings me to the subject of painting and the artists whose work continues to influence me.

Cezanne, primarily for his abstract and strong structural qualities, Edward Hopper for the same traits and his powerful use of light and shadow.

Camille Pissarro had the extraordinary ability to capture an intimate, quiet, mood on a street.

These painters have grappled and grappled successfully with the issues that concern me most.


My intention is to express my own vision, mindful of the rich tradition that I have just partially alluded to.


If I try to explain what is is that I hope to capture in my paintings, I suppose it is the surprising beauty of ordinary things.


Regina Perlin


© Regina Perlin 2004
Sunlight Falling on Trash Cans
Oil on Canvas - 8" x 10"

The Brooklyn Art Scene

© Regina Perlin 2003
Jim and Andy's on Court Street in the Morning
Oil on Canvas  - 24" x 32"
$4,000 (Sold)

© Regina Perlin 2004

The Red Hook Pier in Brooklyn on a Sunny Day
Oil on Canvas - 18" x 36"
$4,000 (Sold)

© Regina Perlin 2004
Gowanus Expressway Overpass, Brooklyn
Oil on Canvas - 14" x 11"
$900 (Sold)
2018 © Regina Perlin, All Rights Reserved
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