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Brooklyn - The Gowanus Series

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© Regina Perlin 2004
Pacific Street Courtyard
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"

Painter of The Gowanus Canal
in South Brooklyn

Gowanus Canal
Gowanus Canal  © Regina Perlin

My paintings usually consist of the following:

- geometrical storefronts with obscure but beautiful details; incidental configurations (an arrangement of cartons and crates, a worn old awning);

- serene courtyards you might catch a glimpse of as you walk along the street;

- rundown backyards or discarded objects whose intrinsic forms are brought to life by the play of sunlight and are compelling because they are insignificant and sure to go unnoticed;

- and the Gowanus Canal which runs through a dilapidated, old industrial area of South Brooklyn, glittering with the sunlight shining on it, like an image from some romantic story book.

Painting Brooklyn in My Dreams

Gowanus Canal: View from the Third Street Bridge © Regina Perlin 2004
Oil on Canvas
12" V  x  24" H
2018 © Regina Perlin All Rights Reserved
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