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Victor A. Kovner
© David Pena 2006
Victor A. Kovner
Oil on Canvas

Victor A. Kovner, Esq. is the former Corporation Counsel of the city of New York, under Mayor David Dinkens.


This portrait, featured here on the left, was commissioned for the law firm Davis, Wright, Tremaine. Collection Victor A. Kovner.

S.F. Durckenmiller
© David Pena 2006
S.F. Druckenmiller (Sold)
Charcoal Portrait
20" x 16 

S.F. Druckenmiller, MD father of Stanley Druckenmiller, is shown here on the right. The portrait was commissioned posthumously as a birthday gift for the Stanley Druckenmiller, former Stock Analyst for Pittsburgh National Bank.

He spent a decade running George Soros Quantum Fund. Druckenmiller is also the Chairman of the Board of the Harlem Children's Zone, a project to help educate the children of Harlem.
Zeno Marcella
© David Pena 2006

My years of painting on the streets of New York taught me how to sketch quickly and accurately under pressure." Pena points out that although he is able to create a sketch quickly, a finished portrait will take from 80 to 100 hours to complete.

"From the very start," Pena asserts, "I keep the client engaged in the process by asking for input. I submit the photos and sketches for review and approval, and the client suggests the best composition and pose for the portrait. I also invite the client to show the painting to family, friends, colleagues, and associates while it is in development. Keeping the channels of communication open produces satisfied clients."

Zeno Marcella (Sold)
Oil on Canvas
48" x 38"
David Pena 2018 All Rights Reserved
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