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Fitzmaurice Family
The Fitzmaurice Family © David Pena

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New York artist, David Pena realized early in his career that the only way to keep portraiture stimulating and satisfying was to get to know each client, then use his observations to create an individual portrait every time.


"As a student in my teens, I started out doing quick charcoal sketches in Greenwich Village, and while working on dozens of sketches each day was great training, I got tired of having people in the same positions and lighting," he recalls.


"I wanted to spend more time with them, getting to know their most characteristic gestures, expressions, and stances."

Coster Family Portrait
© David Pena 2006

Pena was a relatively young man when he began his art career.


He graduated from the High School of Art and Design at age 16 and enrolled in the Pratt Phoenix School of Design, both in New York city.


He then continued his studies at the Art Student's League of New York and the National Academy of Design School of Fine Arts, also in Manhattan.

Maria Coster
Maria Coster © David Pena 2006
The Coster Family Portrait (Sold)
Oil on Canvas - 56" x 50"

In 1975, while watching Everett Raymond Kinstler conduct a portrait painting demonstration at the National Academy, Pena decided to become a portrait painter and to pursue further study with Kinstler.

He now serves as his assistant doing workshops in New York and periodically in New Mexico and Maine.

In appreciation for this assistance, Kinstler visits Pena's studio and engages in an exchange of ideas about his current projects.

Fitzmaurice Family
David Pena © 2006
The Fitzmaurice Family Portrait (Sold)
Oil on Canvas - 72" x 84"


As Pena explains:


"Kinstler has helped me better understand and employ the painting techniques of the great Impressionists painters, he knew, including Frank Du Mond, Wayman Adams, John Johanson, and James Montgomery Flagg.

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