David Pena

The Family Portrait

Fitzmaurice Group Portrait
The Fitzmaurice Family Portrait © David Pena

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Eunice Lotter
© David Pena 2006
Eunice, Shelly, and Jamie Lotter (Sold)
(Eunice Lotter and Daughters)
Oil on Canvas - 58" x 48"



New York Artist, David Pena strives for a fresh approach to each portrait commission, always aiming to capture the personality of the sitter while maintaining a distinctive style of painting.


by M. Stephen Doherty


It's easy for portraitists to fall into the trap of using the same tried-and-true formulas for painting the usual categories of clients.


Who could blame them when they are more likely to please the average client by using standard poses, backgrounds, lighting situations, and hand positions?


If the objective is to create a tight, photographic rendition of the subject and generate as many commissions as possible, then formulas make the most sense.


But how long can artists maintain their own interest and excitement about such repetitive activity?


The answer:   not long at all.

Gregory Hines Portrait
© David Pena 2006
Gregory Hines
Group Portrait - Oil on Canvas

From the Movie
"The Preacher's Wife",
starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington.

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