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Dr. Edwards
Dr. Edwards © David Pena

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Sir Edwin Manton
© David Pena 2006
Sir Edwin Manton (Sold)
Oil on Canvas - 36" x 30"

Sir Edwin Manton, born in 1909 in Great Britain, was the driving force in the creation of American International Group AIG. Manton was the largest collector of Gainsborough, Rolenstaad and John Constable in North America.

He was knighted in 1994 for his charitable gifting to the Tate Gallery. This commissioned portrait, that was painted by David Pena, is in the Collection of the Insurance Hall of Fame.

Marion Sallick
© David Pena 2006

Marion Sallick (Sold)
Oil on Canvas - 28" x 22"

Commissioned by Marion Sallick, for her granddaughter Elizabeth Rogers, the portrait was painted in Mrs. Sallick's home on Grammery Park North, on location in 8 sittings from life.

Before delivering a finished portrait, Pena gives it a thin layer of damar varnish to establish a rich, even, matte or gloss finish across the painting surface. "If the oil paint is still a bit tacky, I'll spray the damar varnish on the surface," he explains. "But if the paint is bone dry, I brush on a mixture of 2 parts damar varnish to 1 part turpentine."

As for framing, many clients ask Pena to select an appropriate frame for their portrait, and in those situations, he delivers the completed painting ready to hang. Otherwise, he presents an unframed picture.
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