Jessica Mieles

Celebrity Sculpture

In Papier Mache

Saturday Night Kid
Saturday Night Kid Jessica Mieles

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The Celebrity of the Femme Fatale . . . in Papier Mache

Jessica Mieles is a painter who sculpts. She recently has begun sculpting in Papier Mache.

Her celebrity figures include: Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. Here, on display, are two of her favorite sculptures that she most recently created. She has a most original way of working with her materials.

Then continue on to her very paintings of various subject matter that were done in watercolor and dyes.

Golden Idyl Monroe
Jessica Mieles 2008
Golden Idyll, Marilyn Monroe
Papier Mache with Acrylic Paint - 20" High


Papier Mache by Jessica Mieles

Figurine Telephone Table
Height 16"


Jessica Mieles 2008

Jessica Mieles 2016 All Rights Reserved
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