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Artist in Manhattan


My taste in the Great Artists has changed over the years.

As a student at Parsons, my favorite was Claude Lorraine and his fantasy landscapes.

At some point I was introduced to the work of John Singer Sargent, John Glackens and others.

Jessica Mieles 2005

Watercolor on Paper
18" X 24"

© Jessica Mieles 2005

I was particularly impressed by the spontaneity of their watercolors of urban scenes.

Much of my inspiration came from living on the top floor.

Roof access allowed many opportunities to capture the sun setting on the great city.

I find at this time that water based medium lends itself well the transient nature of such scenes.

Now that I live on the first floor, new opportunities have opened up in the backyard for views of Manhattan.

Backyard in February - 88th Street
Dyes on Paper
24" x 18"

© Jessica Mieles 2005


"Color is skillfully treated in the warm tonalities of city buildings by Jessica Mieles."

From a Review by E.C. Lipton

Dawn Dusk
Dyes on Paper
10" X 14"

Jessica Mieles 2016 All Rights Reserved

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